WC: Retro Rocket

I actually had some time last night to work on an entry this week :evilgrin: This is what I’ve got so far, not too sure how to finish it off and not too sure how much more time I’ll get to finish it, but hopefully I can complete the scene.

That’s pretty sick looking Quandtum, love the reflections coming off of it.

Will it have a windshield? (That’s something I would consider important if I were riding front and center in a rocket… :eyebrowlift:)

Some subtle grunge/scratches (Spec Map/Normal Map) would take this to a new level, and help convey the scale of the ship. Right now it looks a bit like a toy, just outa the box.

Have you checked out The Process Diary? Paul Orlando Caggegi has some really great stuff over there that you may be interested in.