After a weekend of indecision about what I would do for the WC and looking at losts of differnt architectural syles I thought I’d take a bit of a different approach with this. I chose instead to interperet the word “architecture” my own way. :slight_smile: Very early wip.


Good idea hehe, I liked it! Maybe you could turn this into a city and place some cars, people, if you like! :smiley:

ive seen computer chip as citie before

on tv maybe

throw away the texture on the ground. model all that stuff. itll take a while, be alot of polys, and increase render time. but it will make it look ALOT better. also work on lighting when ur done with that.

but computer parts are just build up out of a lot o the same components, so you can use dupliverts of course, only the size of some parts are different.

The texturing and lighting (and composition) will be worked on once the modelling is done. As for the mainboard texture, only the actual circuit paths and other printed parts will remain. All the components will be modelled. The only exception is the tiny banks of resistors (like to the imediate right of the processor in this render). I did some experimenting with using a grey scale version of the board with only these parts left and mapping it to nomals and it is actually quite convincing. And it’s true that I only have to model about 15 components (plus hard drive, CD/DVD, power supply, case, etc.) Most of the smaller components can be scaled and duplicated to create a pretty complex scene. Thanks! keep it coming. :stuck_out_tongue: