Hi all. This is my first real work in Blender (apart from finishing some tutorials). I’d really appreciate some constructive comments.


A bit too dark?

/ Mattias

It’s not bad for a first work in Blender, I think it’s better than a bunch of the entries I’ve seen so far for this week. Some variety in the poses of your creatures would be nice and maybe brighten it up a bit, but not too much or you’ll lose the glow of your main character.

Overall, nice job for a first try. Keep going.

For a first image, this is really good.
the main character sits nicely on the lines of interest.

The picture is maybe too dark, but because of the contrast that needs to be emphasised in this picture, its possible it might not look better brighter.

The specular point under mr orange bloke is a bit strange, as the reflection looks like he is above the floor, try adding in some orange bits in gimp or add some extra lamps around his legs.

Keep this work up,

Yeah, I agree… for a first work this is really very good. You do have a good sense of staging and composition… which is often lacking. Go ahead and lighten it up just a bit though.

Thanks for your kind words and comments. :slight_smile:

I also had the feeling Mr Orange is levitating, although I have stuffed his legs full of lamps. Point lights are nice, but they do have the drawback that their reflections are a bit too pointed. Perhaps I can fake it by putting some directed spots outside his body? I must do some experiments with this, I think. Or perhaps post-processing with gimp, yes…

/ Mattias

green gumby cult :slight_smile: