WC106 (Impossible) When Pigs Fly

Well, here is my WIP of When Pigs Fly. I am working on the computer right now, and also the room. There will be some items (pictures, a book, and other random stuff) on the desk.

Image on computer monitor
Flying Pig (I think his name is Hamlet)
Desk main board and glass layer on top of it

To come:
Better Lighting (I know it sucks)
Many details on the computer monitor and base
Rest of the desk
Glass windows behind camera (Hamlet will reside behind the windows)


i would change the angle a bit so you’re not looking straight at the desk edge.

Yeah, I agree. The camera needs to come up a bit from there. I will set up the DOF for the next render tomorrow.

yes different camera pose.

New camera angle
Windows added
Closer to final lighting

Can everyone see Hamlet in the reflection on the screen?

Heh. I like the idea a lot. I do think you should change the angle, perhaps get closer to the monitor, and make the pig reflection more dramatic. Keep it up.