WC107: Hanging Gardens of Babylon Entry


What you think? Now this is my first enty so i dont know where to post it - do i post it in the WC107 discussion area?

Also this is the proper image but the actual enty won’t have the title on it!

for the king’s queen who missed the flowers and trees of her homeland. ancient love story.

congradulations! now where was she from? :wink:

midia - later parsia - and nower days iran.

Anyway forgot to write it’s a very cool pic - nice approche to the topic.

you might be right but i thought it was far away tibet - that is why they were hanging as tibet is the cieling of the world! :wink:

No one knows it exactly. First they told they were built from Nebukadnezer for his wife Semiramis in 775 v.Chr. But others say it is built 600 v. Chr. from Nebukadnezer II.
So what is right ??

it was definetely built for his wife (what her name was i don’t know) and it was built during the capture of isreal in like 592 bc! Like i said she may have been from modern day iran but i could have sworn she was from tibet (the reason the gardens were suspended!) :wink:


The hanging gardens were built by Nebuchednezzar II for his wife, Amyitis who was the daughter of the King of Medes. They married to create an alliance and she hated the barren land of Mesopotamia so he built it.

nice take on the topic prince. my only crit is that the picture is too blurred.


thanks timmo! I know about that too - i saw after i rendered (for thirty minutes) and by then i didnt’ have time to go get a igger res picture and render it again! i was thinking about photo editing it in but that podium gets in the way!

Thanks for the history lesson! You’re right i did a little search on it and found it to be neb2 and his wife wasn’t from modern day tibet but farther wset in modern iran.

it came to me later why everyone has said good take on it! - the hanging part of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon is emphasided by the picture hanging on the wall! :smiley: And i guess it was a good blender strategy in that i didn’t have to recreate the gardens! Thanks again all! :wink: