WC108 Asterix

This is the accessories of my character. It will be toon shaded, and is a famous character. Can you guess where this is going? Il est très simple.

C&C welcome.

…I dunno…zelda…lol. Its looking great btw :wink: Keep it up :smiley:

asterix and obelisk?

Modron: Your right! lol I am modeling the character Asterix right now. His face is proving to be a little difficult, but I should have a preview of that later today. :slight_smile:
are my sources.

Is it bad that I have never heard of them??

No, neither have I. :smiley:

Go to the comic book store, buy some Asterix comics, and enjoy.

Everyone should know about Asterix!

awesome! I love it, by Toutatis!!!

I had to read Asterix comics in my French class, so I know a little about Asterix. lol :slight_smile: I love the Vikings, so this lil’ character is perfect for the contest.

This is Asterix’s head. He needs hair, but that will be modelling tonight. The wings are placeholders right now, and those ears need to be bigger. :slight_smile: C&C

Fine work! Hope to see it finished. I’ve never tried to use the toon-style for rendering, but after seeing your work I will try soon.

Asterix must be more of a European phenomenon… Our teaches tried to get us to read the comics in Latin! Anyway, that looks very much like him already. Good job. One question though: what does Asterix have to do with the Vikings??

Asterix was really popular with kids here in Australia when I was growing up! And Tintin!

Back on-topic, the model seems pretty decent so far, but if you’re going to ‘light’ your model for these test renders, better to do it with proper lights that will highlight the contours and let us see the model - that extreme AO you’ve got there makes everything look flat and hard to see the shape.

Better light, more hair, shirt, more to come.

Wow, now I remember this guy.

Great stuff. Really starting to look like him.

We did get this comic/cartoon here in Canada a long time ago.


Eva: One name as to why this is Viking themed: Olaf Timandahaf. :slight_smile: You’ll see you don’t know from that.

wow I love asterix… but… sorry for beeing picky… arn’t asterix a gaul? that means they are somthing like 800 hundred years before the vikings… ah never mind same shit… keep working :slight_smile:

well in the asterix stories, there were viking :wink:

Really good work so far, it’s nice to see some new things from you! :slight_smile:

and…how the hell can some people don’t know asterix & obelix? o_O

it’s like…THE CARTOON…lol…man, go buy some novel of it! NOW lol

Wow! I love Asterix! And this guy is looking quite a bit like him, but the moustache seems to be a bit wrong somehow.

Great work though!

“twelve tasks of astrix” is one of my all time favorite movies, so you must do this model job justice :wink:
looks good so far, expecially love the wepon and magic potion bottle, and the toon shading looks awsome
only crit would be the head looks a little long, i would make it a little shorter , however this is a weekend challange model so with what you have so far it is great given the time provided

Looking really cool dude :smiley: