WC108 Asterix

oh yeah, that’s a classic :slight_smile:
I don’t know anyone here in Belgium who hasn’t seen or liked that movie…

anyways, Asterix isn’t a viking, he’s a gaul, like @ner said. There’s been just one comic book in the series where there were vikings, conveniently called “Asterix and the Vikings” (or maybe in one or two albums a new get-together of the gauls and vikings). It wasn’t released in English, though.

It’s a pitty these comic books aren’t as popular as they deserve to be in other countries. Apart from great and hilarious stories and drawings, almost everything in them is historically correct. It’s no wonder it’s used for Latin classes all over the world. It’s fun ánd educational! :smiley:

anyways, good model, but I’d like to see his mustache a little bigger…


  • Bentagon

I am finishing the model of Asterix this morning, and moving on to Olaf, the Viking chief from “Asterix et les Normans”.

x-warrior: always an honor to have you comment on my work.
plexersheep: his moustache has yet to be worked on. it will look better.
wu: woo-hoo! all these major modeler commenting. lol the head is a little tall, and I will attempt to shorten it a bet. This is free-modeled, meaning I have only a few sources, none of which are loaded into the background of blender. there may be some discrepencies, but I hope that it’ll look in the end.
mr_bomb: thankies.
Bentagon: hi there. :waves: there is a movie to be called Asterix and the Vikings to come out in 2006. It is animated. Look it up. :slight_smile: I so need to see some of the other movies (french or english). I need to also get some of the comics. lol I do not have any. :smiley:

More to come this afternoon, and maybe a preview of Olaf.

asterix looks really good, except for i think his moustache was bigger.

Updated shirt (he is fatter, has a back, and the part under the belt), added belt. More to come.