WC108: Vikings - let your's loose!

Here is my entry allthough theeth messed it up so i didn’t get a vote as of yet (bad link) - so please vote me! :wink:


Here is a neg for fun!


haha, nice idea! nice modeling, except the football looks kinda weird.

ya that was a last minute thing thanks for the comments! I thought it was original - others didn’t i guess… :frowning:

I though I was original.

Well, while you managed to stray from Vikings of the nordic variety, it seems like a bit more of a cop out than a blisteringly intelligent idea. Actually, it reminds me of your WC Babylon entry - while other folks spent time making the gardens, you filched an artist’s rendering of them and stuck it onto a plane. Anyhow.

I like this scene, over all, though I agree that the football needs work. It is a bit too long and/or not fat enough in the middle. The textures also need some work, many, the football, for example, are badly stretched.

The whole thing is painfully grainy, especially the wall. That needs work. Also, is it incredibly compressed or something? Artifacts abound.

Keep it up. I like the general idea, and it is mostly well done.

i didn’t plan on it to neccessarily win just be original! I googled for a viking ship and saw a viking helmet (football that is) and so i came up with this idea - it wasn’t a cop out…

the wall has a texture applied to it (although i used too much nor!)

the image for the football was to grainy in itself and without post production it wouldn’t have ever turned out right plus like i said it was a last minute addition. I agree it should have been fatter

the compression thing was a means of getting the image to have better osa - it took 1 hour to render with no osa so i had to make it smaller and that caused loss of detail or something (creating artifacts - over all it wasn’t a good entry and i really hadn’t chance so my complaints of me not getting a fair chance with the entry mess up were just in the heat of the moment and didn’t reflect my true impression of my inflated head! - this bears no comment mind you! :smiley: )

i do believe though that it was the very first ever blender work that incorporated green reflections like real glass does! (i may be wrong so sorry if i am) i think that that was or rather is my favorite part of it! :wink:

this bears no comment or reply:

i don't appreciate the dogging of a previous entry found to be perfectly acceptable at the time. i had an original idea and i went with it following the topic very well mine was the only one to fill every requirement (atleast the ones i look for in judging)

1. completed scene
2. relativity to the topic (it had to do with the gardens of babylon)
3. had key element of topic (in that case gardens - mine had vegetation)

lastly i look to see if it is original (in that case i played on the word "hanging")

also i may judge on merit when it comes to a tough decision - if i would have been tied with second and first i would have chosen first (even though it didn't have a completed scene) because of his actual attempt to make the gardens instead of @ners which although good hadn't the slightest relativity to the topic seeing archimedes lived 300 years later and the key element wasn't there (i know that if he would have had more time he would have gotten vegetation which still wouldn't have changed the merit vote though!)

over all i don't like the comment: let past things die...  ;)

Its pretty cool but one thing 2 do is 2 make the football more round and less lopsided. Becides that it looks almost photo realistic and my friend thought it was a picture…well untill he saw the football :stuck_out_tongue:

hey thanks! i didn’t think it was all that good and i knew the football wasn’t right but you can’t always have it all. It was my first ever entirely uv project to so i had some issues i have now learned better. thanks again for the nice comment! :wink:

I don’t agree at all that this is a “cop-out.” The topic was not “Vikings of the Nordic Variety,” but “Vikings,” which could be taken either way. It’s good to see something a little different, especially on such narrow topics as the last two we’ve had for the WC.

That said, it’s not a bad pic. A few things, though, other than the football:

The helmets should be more of a dark purple, not blue, and are a bit misshapen. They also should have padding on the inside.

Don’t use photos for textures quite so much, since the images are copyrighted, and could therefore get you into some deep s#!t.

That’s all from me.


Thanks raseri! I am glad some one things that way!

I know the inside of the helmet needed padding but i couldn’t find any refernced for the inside of the helmet.

I will keep the copyright thing in mind next time!

Thanks again! :wink:

Ugh. I didn’t say it was a cop out. You asked why no one seemed to find it original, and I merely pointed out that it involved worlds less modelling and skill than most of the other entrys, though it did perhaps involve a smidgen more thought.

Whatever. The image is fine. As mentioned, the football is squashed, there are lots of artifacts, and the whole thing needs some touching up, but it is a fine idea, if not brilliantly executed.

Thankyou angolar for clarifying that. Although just to make one thing strait is that i didn’t ask why no one thought it original i just declared that it would seem that way - see no question mark! :stuck_out_tongue:

ah the english language! %|