WC110: Did you ever have "What's Holding You Back?&quot

the topic is “Things people wear” and well we have all been known to um well where some of this before! :stuck_out_tongue:

the scene is a boy running out of school or something and steps in gum by accident. I need some more grime to the scene but i can’t figure out how or where to put it! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

i don’t know what is causing the little black dots on the graffitti (well it is obviously the ao but i don’t know how to fix it) I have tried everything to fix it but it just doesn’t seem to go away. I need ao to make the shoes look more anchored so i can’t get rid of that! i guess i’ll have to create a custom tex for the bottom of the stairs that over laps the graffiti with the concrete tex already there - any other suggestions would be nice!

there are two images there which is better? the first - bright graffiti? or second - dull graffiti?

here is the original i did yesterday (it isn’t much good so don’t bother going to the link - i scrapped it after an hour and then the next few hours i got what you see in the above images)

all C&C welcome! :wink:

Looks good. The dots on the graffiti are odd, do you have mesh errors? How clean is your mesh?

I like the brighter graffiti quite a bit more. Keep it up.

i am just using a sprite over top the actual sidewalk so there are merely four verts! - can’t have any mesh errors there! it has something to do with ao being on and the small gap between the sprite and the sidewalk. I can fix it with a texture. I too like the darker one more. Thanks!

I saw yours - it puts mine to shame! (walks away ashamed) %|

here’s an update with a custom texture and a fixed ao problem. Now what does it need? cause something is missing. :-?


oh by the way can you tell me what the custom logo says? :wink:

BWC 101 :smiley:

BWC 101 :D[/quote]

actually it is Blender WC 110 but that isn’t what i was wondering - the black graffitti that looks like eyes is my Prince warped and skewed to make that really cool effect! cool huh?

anyway here is an update - didn’t change anything except the gum was smoothed (don’t know why i didn’t do that to begin with?!!)


come on i need something to add to it but i can’t think of what?!

Perhaps he’s dropped something? A book? Glasses? Broken glasses? The wrapper of the offending gum? A whole package of gum? I dunno. Be creative.

It looks like he is falling over, but I don’t know how to fix that.

He looks like he’s falling over because of his other, non-gummed foot. His right foot looks like it’s leading (toes down, heal up), you need to place the ball of his food on the edge of the step and his heal lower than it, as he’s putting weight on it. In otherwords, the heal should be lower than the toe…

if you think it looks better if he isn’t falling then i’ll change it but i ment for him to fall - he was running stepped into the gum and trips on the first step! :smiley: i’ll see what i can do!


here is an update - is this better - i tried to fix his “falling” position but i don’t really see how it has improved the look!? :-?

what do you think? :wink:

work on the cwheing gum some more. the surrounding chewing gum should be pulled up more IMO

I have been working really hard and render time is really high so tell me what you think of my first ever cartooned renders!



or should i go for a tone in between the bright one and the dark one?

Of the two, I think the second, darker one looks better. The first looks as though it were just a sketch done on white paper in pencile crayon. The second looks like a finished product. I like the look of it, good job with the toon shader (haven’t figured it out yet myself, but haven’t spent much time either)

thanks camel!

here is the in between one!


Yeah I think my vote is still on the dark one :wink: