WC110: Hero Updated 1.08 2

“They call him Hero. He roams the night as the guardian angel of Chicago stopping crime and foiling devious plans. Arms with a metal staff and his own two fists, he takes on gangs, robbers, and anything else that wants to face him.”
Name: Unknown
Age: 20s
Sex: Male
Weapon of choice: Staff
Arch-enemy: Tawlis the Panther (crimelord)

Okay, so the WC was “Things People Wear”, so I have made this Hero outfit and staff. Things left to do include the symbol on his chest and to render it with AO. The AO takes a lot of time to render with this image, so I just rendered with the single lamp in this image. New render and more coming tomorrow.
C&C Welcome.

you forgot the http://

with it:

it looks like you didn’t press set smooth, but that much be a really strange wire if that were the case. I don’t think the texture [I think that is a texture] works very well with this

It is a ribbed texture. And I fixed the link.

Okay, no other comments?

You and I are taking incredibly different approaches to this WC. I love it.

I like the hero’s ribbed costume. My first thought was that it was ribbed, not lacking “set smooth”. Looks good. Add some color.

very nice, mabye a utility belt thing would make it even better?
the ribbed costume does look better than if it was flat!
well done

I am working on ideas for a utility belt with some basic weapons. Maybe a sword at his site. As for the color I am trying to go for a more angelic look, but the inner shirt will be slightly blue when I am done. The belt will be gold/yellow. I’ll have an update this afternoon sometime.

anogarlr, where is your WIP? I’d like to see how you are doing your thoughts.

I’ll post a WIP in a bit.

Here is an update. I am adding the belt. The hero symbol has been added. It’s an eagle (designed in Blender as 2D, rendered, saved, UVMapped). Staff is now longer, as it was very short before. I think it is close to 4 feet now. Eh. Utility stuff will start being added to the belt now. I know how I would make pants, but I don’t know if I will make them for this.

Rendered with AO and one lamp.

Looking good! Keep it up. This is improving quickly.

I like this. It’s fun.
The only thing I can think of at the moment is that I wouldn’t use the ribbed texture on both the cape and the mask. I would probably make the mask that shiny plastic look.

That’s just a preference thing though.


Added utility pouches.

Caleb72: The mask and the coat are of the same fabric. This is the kind of hero that makes his own costume, so he made his coat and with left-over material, he made a mask. lol

Wow, seeing some of the other entries tell me that this is going to be a close challenge on votes. lol

yay thats really good,
id like to see the whole of the staff though
anyway very good work

I can see he makes his own costume. Is his staff a curtain rod? :slight_smile:
Maybe he belongs in the Mystery Men movie. Was that the name of it?


hey! Don’t insult his curtain rod. I mean staff! lol I was attempting to go for a Russian style curvature. You know, like those building have over there? I like it, and it looks sharp, and curtain rods can be bought fairly cheaply in Chicago, so you know. lol

Case in progress. :slight_smile:

Hey, loooking gooood. Keep it up.

Now he just needs a hero cave to live in, lol
very nice work

He’s not the cave type of person. He lives in a small hole at the bottom of Lake Michigan of which he was able to construct a force field to keep the water out. He has a transportation device that can lock onto him and transport him to the Hole from anywhere at anytime so that he may put on his suit, and then transport anywhere in the city that he is needed.