WC112: First Windows Icon - An Oman (nonparticipating entry)

Like the title says!


i was justed fiddling around so it isn’ the best render and there is some terrible banding but i’ll fix that tomorrow! what do you think? it’s actually my first really good caustic although the image stinks! :stuck_out_tongue:

oh can you tell what this is suppose to be?

The shadows are colorfull ( and not gray as in real life ) becouse of caustics?
I am trying to understand what caustics is suposed to imulate.

yes because of caustics - here is a world example:

take a glass - add a spoon full of water to it and dye the water blue (not neccessary but helpful). Now shine a flashlight through it from above then shake the glass - do you see the blue flashes on the surface beneath? those are caustics. Caustics are caused when light passes through a transparent and assumes the color of the transparent object! hope that helps you understand! :wink:

I like this, but I’m looking forward to the better render.
Don’t think this render demonstrates how “neat” this is.

“Neat” just sounded like the right adjective for some reason.


I think that looks pretty good, i like it. But in a way i don’t like it because it raisses so many questions of how you did it, to me. So ill ask you one right now: how did you get the colourful shadow in blender? Because whenever i try to do that i just get grey shadows. And if you made it in yafray can you tell me how, bcause when i use yafray it doesn’t support or i just dont know how to make transparent objects.

nice work prince…looks like all the practise is paying off because you are certainly growing better with every image i see…keep it up.


cool, what is it lol?


Pray tell, is that blender render or yafray?

Defragment Me! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll need to animate it to get the real effect, tho!

(Yes, I’ve spent many a dazed minute staring at the little MS animation on the old Win9x systems… aaaaaaaagh!.. flashback nightmares!)

Really nice work, btw!

Thanks :slight_smile: I got it now.

Nice caustics, the image looks nice too even though it’s not the best.

I like it, good work. Inspired by a recent defrag perhaps? :wink:


Nice defrag, it seems a bit noisy though. I must learn more about caustics.


Thanks! Yes a better render is coming (have to go to work after that i’ll have one ready)

Thankyou - your opinion means alot!


thanks! correct - it is the defragmenter icon. It was inspired by a recent defrag - man i hate windows! (winblows) linux is so much better!

good! :wink:


thanks! it was made in yafray. I used caustics to create the color effects and the ground plane has traceshadows enabled to allow for colored shadows. To have transparents in yafray you must have alpha set to near zero and the fresnel on raytransp set to near zero. The raymir is slightly more than zero with no fresnel. All material rays are 4 or 5. I used global photons and photon light with about 250,000 photons which stored approx. 1,200,000 photons! if you need specific help search the general forum for caustics and that will give you all this information in greater detail as i have explained it atleast 10 times since i have gotten yafray 0.0.7! don’t feel bad though cause it took me some time to get caustics down! :wink:

thanks everyone! that was the thankyou rundown! :wink: i’ll have a new render soon and i expect all of your opinions again then! :smiley:

haha lol windows rules linux drools :smiley: ok update me :P.

your too high maintenance i couldn’t find the time to update you - i’ll update the image though! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

ehuh ok kewl.

this image is taking an incredible amount of time to render! it is like this:

That was after about 1 1/2 of rendering! So it’ll be a little while! :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:

nice image.

but 1,200,000 photons isn’t too bad.

Toxic regularly uses 50,000,000

but is is faster, somehow.

my mom needed the clock cycles and closed the program while i was at work! so much for that 2 hours of rendering! i’ll try agian later with less complications - does ao effect the rendering time in yafray like it does in blender?