WC112: Primitives - Large Renders!

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-------Refractions of Sunset*---------

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—Colored Refractions of Sunset*—

---------Masters Workshop*-----------

All Pure, all Blender, All Finished

*Please don’t just vote say what you think of it too!

edit: Oh and if you have a question post it before voting!

i definitely like the 2nd image best, although I think you need to make a render about twice as big. The same thing happened with your previous entry; its was like an oversized thumbnail :stuck_out_tongue:

im not sure there prince. i like the 1st and 3rd :P.

i will try that - on my pc (800x600) it is like quarter of the screen but on higher res it is like 1/8th so i’ll try a bigger render although it took forever to make those (the water (it is real waves not texture) took forever with reflections and refractions and all!) but don’t count on it… sorry! :frowning:

keep em coming!

I don,t know if you think those pic are 800x600…because they are 400x300…be sure to have 100% pressed when rendering…instead of 50%…

a 800x600 pic is way enough habitually…the workshop is 640x500…and it seems to be a good size…but 640x480 or 800x600 habitually is better…more “common” res…

I love the colored refraction image, the workshop is pretty good too.

thanks kansas15!

and thanks xwarrior for not bringing up other topics (you’ve got some class for that! :wink: ) oh and i knew it wasn’t 800x600 i was saying that is my screens res.


http://img52.exs.cx/img52/1808/RefractionsOfSunset.th.jpg Colored Refractions of Sunset

http://img52.exs.cx/img52/5392/RefractionsOfSunset2.th.jpg Refractions of Sunset

so is it the colored one we like the best cause that’s what the poles say!?