WC112: Primitives - Update: Cubes!

Here is one entry i have so far:


the first is a colored version, the second a non colored version, the third is a camera flare effect and the flare is pp added. Obviously i won’t use the last one cause then i’d have to go open but i thought i’d throw it in there for fun!

i do have a question though:

i rendered the models in blender then i duplicated the render and did some pp work to it to increase color contrast and all then used the original, and the modified in the sequencer with some color effects, glow effects, and general lighting increase effects to achieve the images seen. The overall time of post production of the modified image was about three minutes whereas the blender time was an hour or so.

Does this count as Pure?

Like the title says - i have more entries coming - this one is basically finished! but which one of the top two do you like the best? colored or drab?

Not 100% pure as I see it, in the third just take a plane, erase 3 verticies and set it as a halo. Then it’s 100% pure

i wasn’t talking about the third image rather the first two seeing i used a pure image and an open image in the blender sequencer to achieve the result. thanks anyway! i think i’ll try that idea! :smiley:

so here is another entry type:


it’s pure and all those little spheres (all 4200 sum odd!) are reflections and are ico 2 subdivide, 1/1 subsurfed, set smooth spheres! The color effect was added in the sequencer.

cool eh? so do we like number one, two, or this cube one best?

The second image is too bright, too much washing out. Colors should be more visible.

do you mean the second sphere or the cube image? the cube image was really just a test to use dupliverts and to see how many verts i could go without crapping my cpu out! i went over 1 1/2 million! i have another version that isn’t so abstract that i am working on but i might just use teh sphere version

I meant the sphered cubes picture.

oh good cause i wasn’t really going to use that one in the end.

out of the first two sphere images - which do you like (colored, or plain)?