wc112: primitives (update)

Finished just in time for the deadline…


broken this is very original, you made my day LOL.
Great CameraPersp. , Lighting and texturing, just love it.

btw. how did you do the hair? Fiber or static Particles?

ähmm, don´t know if this was your intention: the SphereMamut is flying?

Bye, Olaf.


Static particles. Yes, the mammoth is supposed to be that way - he’s running away very quickly!


it looks as if he leaped :P.

Wow cool dude, original thinkig :slight_smile:
By the way it looks to me like the mamoth has onlu three lags… ( maybe it is just me ).
And, may I seggest a slight motion blur.

Oh that is excellent…and funny!
Good job!


Very funny, I like it.
My I ask where they are walking on, it looks like if they’re in heaven.

Looks like it was supposed to be snow or something. Good image

i LOVE IT takes caps lock off The mamoth only has 2 legs! the other is a nose! I laughed out loud when I saw this image! I think you’ll get my vote when it comes time! Awsome work. I love the sky as well.

Heh, thanks guys, glad you found the humour :slight_smile:

I realise now, with the comments about 2 legs, etc. that the definition of the 4 legs isn’t as clear as I thought it was. Late last night in the dark it was quite easy to see, but now in the morning, it looks like a bit of a brown blob. I might render out a new one (non-participating) this evening, just for a sense of closure.


Ok, I did some little tweaks, made the mammoth’s legs clearer, a little bit more motion blur, and am more happy to call this ‘finished’ now. Here’s the update:



I think that is fucking funny picture…thats why i voted your picture :slight_smile:

Btw…How do you use those static particles ? That looks very good and i dont know how to use scripts (lol) :-?

Bah, I said I’d leave it alone, but gave in to a good idea on CGtalk to add particle snow. I’ve also uploaded the .blend file here if anyone wants to take a look: http://mke3.net/projects/wc/primitives/primitives1.blend.zip