WC113 - A Grand Mistake - can I make it in time

Hi all,

Thought I might try and have a go at this week’s WC comp.
It’s quite possible that I won’t make it - but what the hell.

Below is the first model for the scene.
Feel free to criticise as you need to, but I’m not going for photorealism for this entry so bear that in mind.



I like the material. In fact, it would need some (3) foot pedals to actually play it and the player-side part looks very low. But as you’re not going for realism, no further crits. nice piano. Add a chair.

Nice, I agree about the foot pedals, you look at a piano and they’re found in the center.

Thanks. Yeah I hadn’t decided whether I wanted to put the pedals in or not. If I actually finish this pic you’ll understand why the details aren’t terribly important. By the way - you don’t actually need the pedals to play - a piano will play without them. However, they do add expression and sustain.

I think I’ll add the pedals just so I can avoid instructions from Kansas on where to put them. ( [!] )

Won’t need the chair though. :wink: