WC114: Blind Sight

He’s blind, but his hearing gives him sight.

His hearing?? But he’s got no ears… %|

About the render: The model could use some work. The head looks too much like a deformed sphere, flattened in front and a nose put on it. Take a look at how 2D cartoon characters are designed and go from there. Or from how realistic characters are built, it depends on which direction you’re going. Hands are definitly streange… some extruded and scaled cilinders on a big cube… it looks weird. The fingers all have the same length and the thumbs look twisted. And why does he seem to have two sleeves on top of each other (one ending around elbow, other around wrist). Colours are nice, because they’re dark. They give a feeling of blindness somehow. Good choice on that. Good choice on going for toonshading too, although the shader on the sweater/tshirt could use some work (the middle tone should be less appearant).

Overall, nice job, but it would fit better in the WIP forum, imho.

keep on blending

  • Bentagon

I love the cheekiness of the caption more than the model: his hearing gives him sight…LOL.