WC114: Blind (UPDATED 30.08.04)

Well, Weekend Challenge is character based this week, so here is the beginning of my blind dude.
His head should be done today, and I plan to model hair that will come down over where his ears would be just to save some time. :stuck_out_tongue: Then on to clothing for the upper body, as the lower body will not be shown in the final pic. Hope you like. C&C welcome.

Good job so far, make sure you use ramp shaders on the skin.

Actually, Kansas_15, this is being done in toon rendering, so I don’t think that the ramp shader system would do much good, though I may be wrong. I have yet to test or even play with the ramp shaders.
Okay, so worked some more on him and here is an update:
I have to the middle of the head nearly done, and the back of the head should be very easy to accomplish. Then comes the neck, and the clothing is easy modeling with some displacement winkles, of which I may add some displacement winkles to the forehead too. Who knows what will come to my mind. lol

Blind dude got new glasses and the rest of his head ('cept his lips.)

Hmm. I kinda like the way this dude is shaping-up to have “five shades o’ brown” poster-style textures and shadow. I wonder how the eyebrows/stubble would look if the “pen” were brown, softer and fatter. This one’s gonna be really nice.

Here is another update. He has lips (though not perfect) and a lil’ more stubble around the jawline. I think the stubble really defines him and gives him a more young look. I think I may try to put ears on him, and leave him bald, because I like the way he looks bald. Tomorrow I will have the shirt up and have some work on the hands done (I hope) and then Monday I will have the finished image.
sundialsvc4, yes, the look I am going for is a sort of toonish-realism. As you see his porportions are very normal, and it will stay that way thoughout. The stubble, imo, looks pretty good right now, but I may play with in once the image is done. I have a lot more to do on this piece than most of my WC entries, so the stubble is sort of a small thing to worry about, being the final will not be so close up on the face. I will play around though.

He’s really getting in shape, keep up the good work.

The shirt is underway, and should be done by midnight tonight (it is 9:30 PM currently.) I may actually model the pants and shoes if I get time, but I don’t know as of yet if I will. Early rise tomorrow, and I may be able to get a lot more added into the character. lol

Why’d you take off the glasses?

Reasons for no glasses in last pic:
Refracting glass
Reflecting glass
To show that he actually has eyes
New render with finished sleeves. Hands are underway, and should be done in a few hours.