WC115: The Eye

This is my WIP for the WC. The piece that I am working on replicating is Salvidor Dali’s “The Eye.”
I am making the eye robotic, and am still working on textures and stuff. I now need to do the dripping fluid from the bottom of the eye in the original. C&C welcome.

Wow! That’s a great scene so far. :slight_smile: I love that eye and eye-color! I’ll be excited to see it as it progresses.

The eye looks pretty good, I like the background choice with the painted clouds.

jts01: thank you.
Kansas_15: Yes, the background is completely painted in Photoshop by me. It was fun to try, as it is something I haven’t done before.

Render technique is a lil’ different. I now need to finish the back of the terrain, but other than that, it is done.