WC116 WIP - lighing opinions? bottom of page 2...

Figured I’d post my progress on this weekend’s challenge, since I haven’t posted anything else in awhile.

(Been trying my hand at heads lately and very few should ever see the light of day.)


(Feel free to comment/crit, but right now I’m mostly just puting things where I want. Most of the textures will be re-done, things like the pillows will be re-modeled, current lighting is just so I can see the scene, etc.)

What’s the thing that’s on the end of the upper bunk?


a hole to escapre where the poster yused to be covering…

HAHA… that’s a pillow! You couldn’t tell???

LOL… yeah, I was going for a crumpled pillow look, but accidentally ended up with way too many vertices… that’s one of the first meshes that will be completely redone. :slight_smile:

(Then again, if you were asking about the black thing on the back wall, then yeah, what tmtechie said…)

I think you should move the hole a little bit more to the right, and light it up a bit more.


Is this based on “Kiss of the Spider Woman” by chance? That was a great movie. Weird, but great.

Nice work so far though. You should make the lighting more moody though. If I recall from the movie, it was always pretty dark and underlit.


Or is it based on the shawshank redemption? :wink:
There’s a scene JUST like this, with the poster, the hole in the wall, everything. :slight_smile:

lemmy: OH CRAP! You may be right, now that I think about it. Good call man!


Yep, Shawshank is the one.

Here’s an UPDATE

  • Re-modelled the ugly pillows… so no they’re uh… LESS ugly.
  • Moved the hole a bit (thanks for the tip)
  • Added some prison bars (No, that’s not the final texture ;))

Coming soon:

  • Book laying either on the bed or floor, open to show that the pages have been cut out in the shape of a rock hammer.


  • Some major lighting tips… just cannot seem to get the dramatic lighting that I’d like.

Okay…First of all, GET THAT BAR OUT OF THE WAY! :wink:

Second, try making it almost completely dark, where the light doesn’t shine through, try using halobeams, or using an area light for the dramatic effect.

Composition… Use the rule of thirds.

Another tip: Try making it look grittier, it looks like a health club right now. :wink:

Anyway, good luck. :slight_smile:

The shadows are way too sharp and dark, use a spot slight and fiddle with it’s properties to make the shadows soft and dull, and turn on Ambient Occlusion (world buttons) if it isn’t already on.

btw, it’s looking good.

Still working on lighting…


I remember this movie ! I can’t tell you what’s the title in English (in french it’s “les évadés”), but i know that morgan freeman played in it. It was the story of a man accused of having killed his woman and send to jail. But he worked in a bank and started to help the director of the prison etc … I just loved this film, and your idea is great, but the room was not exactly as yours is … I remember a small place where he could sculpt his chess pieces. if you could do it it would be just perfect.
Good luck for the contest.

Thanks elendil!

In English, the movie is called “The Shawshank Redemption”. It is based on a book my Steven King.

I know what you mean, by making it smaller… looks more like a rec room than a prison cell right now… I’ll have to see if I can work on that a bit.

WOW, much better! The lighting really makes this picture. Just keep working on it! :smiley:

I believe in the movie the hole is circular.

BTW, the movie was filmed 60 miles north of where i live now.

Ok, another UPDATE

Still playing with the lighting, but going to give it a break for a bit so I can try and work on the “making it your own” part of the challenge.

Admiral Mac, I started thinking the same thing before I read your post, and while I didn’t make it round, you’ll notice I did make it considerably smaller.

Thanks for everyone’s comments so far!

Yow, very nice work so far!

The only thing I would suggest…most of the time, in movies, they cheat “night” by casting the scene blue. You might be able to bring up the brightness in the scene (and bring out more detail) while still getting the right atmosphere by making the light bluer and brighter. Just an idea to fool with in a render or two.


P.S. AFAIK, night doesn’t really come out all that blue in real life, but it’s been such a convention in color films since the beginning that people accept it subconsciously. It’s also much easier to shoot than other techiniques like “day for night,” so cinematographers have made ready use of the audience’s ability to accept this cheat.

Hey, great minds think alike or something! I already had that in mind, but in wanting to not make it obvious, the blue tint to the light is very slight. I may mess around with that a bit though.

For now, here is my first attempt at adding my own “twist” to the scene…

I’ll call it “Homer’s Shanked Redemption” or something like that…


Haha. Very good take on the theme with that title.