WC124: Pick a Door [Update 2]

Slight glow added via Photoshop.
To do:
Finish corridor
Create red designs in black floor surface
Fix white walls to be more true white
Make directional signs

C&C welcome. More coming soon.

Well, I got the arrows on the floor, the directional signs, and the monitor at the end of the hall. I don’t know if I will be making an image to display on the monitor, but I should decide fast since rendering is going overnight tonight. This is a render without raytrace, but once I add raytracing to the rendering process the time will likely hit the 2 hour point.
As with the last, slight glow added in Photoshop.

C&C please.

Raytracing done. Now it is all shiny. :smiley: lol I just cannot decide!!! Too many doors! I think that I am done for now, and may make some changes before the overnight render tonight. C&C!

It looks good, but the lighting needs some work. Right now, it’s much too even and flat. Also, I’m not really sure if it fits in with the topic (ambiguity, btw, not “ambibuity” :stuck_out_tongue: ), since it can’t be interpreted in more than one way. But this is just nitpicking on my part. I’ll shut up now. :smiley: