WC125 - Untitled [Updated (11/13/04)]

Here are the humble beginnings of my entry.


He’s an orange! Fully rigged; posed for the hell of it. He still needs eyes, and if I’m not lazy, a mouth.

so you give aniamtion a try, or your already confortable in animation.
for you orange, maybe consider ramp shader. as the color is too uniform

Cool! Great hands too. The nor map needs a bit more nor value tho. Great idea!
I personally think he looks cooler without face. But that also depends on how the face will turn out :wink:

cool, two crits:
the shadow is too hard, try using an area light and playing with the ray shadows there.
the texture on the orange looks a bit off focus for some reason, but it look very good

Thanks for that nor comment there, I’ll fiddle with it a bit. And as for the face, I think I’ll leave it off, and for some reason give him a monocle.

The shadow isn’t anything I’m too concerned about, it was just there because I wanted one. When all is said and done, it’ll be gone. And, as said above, I’ll fiddle with a textures some more.

Now, keep 'em coming!

Here’s a small update, sans monocle, sadly…


Did a little work on the textures, added a top hat and cane. Shadow’s especially terrible in this one.

Perfect texture! I’d do something with that shoes, now…
The hat really adds on it! Good work!

Small update… Monocle! The chain was a bitch to get right, and it still isn’t…


And what’s so bad about the shoes? Maybe you’re just jealous of his stylin’ kicks?

And he needs a name. I’m open to suggestions.

mabye 4Daniel means more formal shoes?

How about Lord. Orange
or the Duke of Orange?

Starting to remind of mr peanut… :stuck_out_tongue:

You were the first one to catch on. Name suggestions?

Damn! You may have beaten me already in this weekend challenge.

Great job!

Alright, I’m running out of ideas… He needs a scene… I had an idea for him to get robbed by an apple, but that one’s been shot down… Little help?

Just thought I’d give this a little bump, see if anyone had any ideas for me… I’m completely out…

bha… you know the orange in the oasis pub. maybe you can do some sort ofpub for juce.