WC127: Oh no ! Not again ! (Haunted house) updated

Oh no! Not again !

Here is my first entry for the Weekend Challenge. I’ve tried this weekend a 2D approach (with Blender of course) and I must say that I am impressed by Blender’s vectorial drawing abilities. This is loosely inspired by Lucas Art’s adventure games.

I am now working on my composition and story telling skils, tell me what should I do to make this image a better one.

What would you do differently ?


I think it’s great.

But maybe the house could look a bit more spooky somehow and the moon should probably be white or something.

Good work though.

It’s a good scene, but the house doesn’t look spooky at all. Heck, I could find that house in my neighborhood :Z

It’s a good scene, but I think the house should be spookier.

That’s great! I love it. The moon should be white, but other than that I have no crits. Awesome work.


Tried with a white full moon. Any better? I didn’t have time yet to work on the house, but I will try to make it a less “normal” house.

Thanks for your comments.


Hi cipix, cool 2D-piece.

I don’t wanna break your balls (if you have them), but the last moon looks to photoreal for the rest of the work. It can still have some details, but they need to be much more abstract and stylized.
For the rest, keep it up.


Sago: you are right, the photoreal moon seems to be out of place in the last image. I’ve also tried a solid full moon, but it didn’t look so good. I will try to find something that fits better.

What I like the most about this 2D aproach is the fast rendering of the images ( ~1 s) so I can easily try different aproaches.


I agree on the moon. One thing I really like is the way the shape of the cactus mimics the person in the scene and in a way the ghost. These shapes help to hold the compostion together.

Cool, although the moon doesent really suit the mood! Otherwise awsome!!!

Very nice, congratulations on getting it into the Blender gallery!!!



Trebor: thanks

I think I’ll stop working on this image and continue with another project. I feel a lack of motivation now that my image is in the gallery.

Thank you all for the comments.