WC355: Wunder Zug

Oh yeah, going the ol’ snakeoil salesman route.

Trying to create a kind of gobliny looking character. Here’s the concept sketch:

Now onto modeling the character.

Some progress on modeling the head. No ears yet though.


Hey hey, ears and a neck. The modeling on the character’s head is getting pretty close to done.



Working on clothes, which is going slow, because I really haven’t done that in 3d before…


Clothes are coming along, but lord… I hate modeling clothes.

Fleshing out the arms… but it doesn’t really look quite right.

Looks good! He somehow reminds me of The Simpsons :smiley: Moe, perhaps?

Yeah, a lot of people are making the simpsons analogy… wasn’t intentional though. Guess it’s the eyes and yellowish skin. Not a bad thing I guess.

Anyway, added the hair, but relied too much on parent particles… I’ve got “strays”. Not sure if I’ll have time to redo that :frowning:


Running out of time though, so have to move on to the hands, hat and bottle now. Probably hands next.

Keeping the material on the particles but going to redo them with more parents.

Meanwhile, I’ve made hands. Not super good hands, but certainly “good enough” hands.

Alright… head in general looks okay, but I can’t seem to be able to prevent these areas that look like they “need tweezing” between the eyebrows and the hair. Advice?



This is starting to match the drawing pretty well now. :slight_smile:

I’m off to bed now. More tomorrow.

And I’m done for now… submitting this to the weekend challenge:

Looks great, had me in stitches though because he looks exactly like my father-in-law lol

Good Job

very nice… thanks for the in-between pictures. nice buddy.


Thanks peeps :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ll finish off this piece after all?