wch software t mix video and audio.

i need a simple program to mix audio and video ( like premier ) and export it as an avi.

i dont need nothing fancy , something like windows movie maker , but i dont know if it is posible to export video with codec i think not.

so , something to edit video , add audio and export with codec.

free or open source.

any ideas ?

Why don’t you use Blender video sequencer?

can i export a avi with audio un blender ?

Nope, generally speaking- you can’t.

I believe there are some builds at http://www.graphicall.org/builds/index.php that work, though I’m not tried any of them and aren’t sure.
When in windoze I use VirtualDub and when in Linux I just use mencoder since avidemux and cinelerra both have issues with sound for me. VirtualDub is both free and tiny, as are the other three.

I do all my compositing, titling and effects in the VideoSequencer as OTO mentioned. Audacity is great for editing sound in either windows or linux, being free and (i think) opensource…

thanx , i didnt know i could add audio in Vdub .

thanx , so i do the video editing in Mr allmighty Blender , and then i mix the audio up in VDub.

yes sr !

by the way , do you know what is the second screen in Vdub for ?

and do you know what is posible to do in Vdub that is not so abious ?

i know i can :

-add audio
-add compression
-edit a video by changing it start and end

anything else ?

Hello again
Since 2.43, Blender have a COMPLETE video editor!
Do your edit work with images and sound and when finished, choose
the FFMpeg format in the Scene buttons window.
This format allow to “multiplex”(mix) audio with video when saving.
In the Audio tab, enable “Multiplex Audio”, and in the Video one, choose
the desired video format including AVI, of course with many codecs available, thanks
to the great work of FFMPEG team
Then press the “Do Sequence” to “render” your movie

OTO, you’re a bloody champion mate!!

I’ve tried countless times to add audio to the animation with Blender, but gave up thinking that the build I had was somehow broken. I still dunno which one of the steps is responsible - perhaps I wasn’t toggling the Multiplex button, but in any case, it now works.

THANK - YOU, very very much.

I did not know that Blender could do that.

That is just too sweet. Thanx, OTO. You rock! but you’ve always rocked.:RocknRoll:

Euh… :o

The 2nd “screen” is the output video, while the first is the “input”. Kinda hinkey, I think, esp. when you turn one or the other or both off accidently and wonder what’s happening.

A couple of handy things I use it for: adding an image to your footage, such as a copyright notice. There are several other “cleanup” filters or timeshifting filters and goodies in the filters function (along with addons, too I think, you can search for.) I also like it for converting MPEG-2 to avi (using the offshoot VDub-MPEG2 version) as it works with your installed codecs very well.

On the Blender-for-video front: I’m very eager to delve in to this functionality now that the Windows version has FFMPEG. I’ve just not had much of a chance to do so since leaving a former employer last year (I would have used it a lot there, just the timing was off for the right Blender release.) Really powerful stuff is possible in combo with noodles!

Hi, I was able to export animations with sound from Blender but it only works if I chose AVI format, anything else makes Blender crash, is it just me? And I can not import the AVI file into the sequence editor it says it is not ffmeg format… !?!