We All Climb

Hello There,

I guess I’m just looking for help as far as figuring out the amount I would Spend for CG. I’m kind of new to CG, but I find it interesting. So, I guess if anyone has some advice on how much this idea would cost to create. By all Means:


There is a small amount of movement. Just characters doing one or two actions. It’s not short on movement, even when sitting still.

If your interested in hearing more, maybe giving a little advice. Or If you want to do it, let me know. Full Credits for the piece will be given. Usage of it on websites for experience portfolio, the works. I can’t guarantee money.

Let me know if your interested in being apart of this, no matter what that might be. Advice or Part of a Winning Team.

Email is Below:
[email protected]

Best Regards,

Jon Portrey