we all end up as skeletons

why most people reject deep thinking … ?

Hey, it looks like the result of all your projects.

Seems happy and looking at the camera with attention. And his teeths are very white. That is afterlife care!

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I always thought it was for retarded bandwith sucking forum games and pointless nonsense

Not all dead bodies in morgues and catacombs end up as skeletons, if the right conditions are there the body is virtually mummified, this natural mummification has actually happened in a catacomb in the American Northeast according to the show Cities of the Underworld.

Anyway, trying to say something relevant to 3D Guru’s post.

Can’t cha see, we’re busy Blending here? If I wanted to think deep, I would have become an oceanographer. :cool: Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to contemplate death after I get over my oxygen addiction.

Hey, it looks like the result of all your projects.

do you mean this …

please try to be more specific and tell me about the project you are thinking of … :slight_smile: , or all of them ?

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PS2 : is it not allowed to start random threads in off-topic … , if someone started a thread about volcanos under the ocean as example , what is the problem ?

let people say what they want …

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It could be a fun topic-idea for a “Weekend Challenge” … :smiley:

interesting… the body decayed into a skeleton, but those vases are almost perfectly preserved from what i can tell… wow, i sound like an archeologist, lol

btw, did you know that Viking warriors were sometimes buried in ships? they dug a hole, put in the ship with the guy, and some treasure and stuff, then buried it… i think they sometimes also burned the ships…

…whenever i see skeletons and vases, i think of Zelda… well, there’s one thing to keep in mind, it’s that if the Skeleton grabs a sword and shield, and starts attacking you, hit him with your sword, then when he falls to pieces blow him up with a bomb so he doesn’t come back :wink: has worked ever since A Link to the Past :wink:

Yeh isnt it a weird feeling…imagening yourself as a walking skeleton. Because when you think about it. Behind the eyes you use to read this reply. Lies a brain of flesh and blood…MUCH BLOOD. Lots of nasty liquids…what is protecting it is a stone like material a skull. If you would cut open your forhead. You would see a white stone like thing…feel your forhead. Can you feel the skeleton? The very thing that hold you together…its amazing and creepy.

Actually we all end up as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, calcium, iron, nitrogen, and other trace elements.

lol :smiley: it’s fascinating, really - we’re all made up of billions of atoms of various kinds… in a sense, each atom is a little solar system, and all of them together is like a galaxy… the patterns repeat themselves :slight_smile:

Yeha but imagine all the blood and liquids and shit we got in our brains!! You know what that looks like…and if you concentrate you can feel your brain punshing against the skull. Because as we all know. The brain is foating in a sea of yellow/red liquid. That is why its not hurt so easily. Because it’s protected by a liquid. If you shake your head you can feel your own brain. Isn’t that nasty?

There’s also been stories about some folks who lost part of their brains, and somehow managed to retain the ability to perform certain tasks to lead a normal life. And ofcourse, there are those who have no brains at all ie bad drivers. Oh, and on topic, the skull protects the brain (for those who have brains). For others, the skull is decorative.

Yeah but imagine if someone would rip your face off. You know all the skin and flesh that makes you look like you do in your face. Then you would only have a skull there. You would probably still be able to live. But you would just be a skull. And people would be able to look right into your brain. Its amazing that when we think of a person we think off their face or their body. But we…what we really are. Is this…It’s almost like watching something out of an alien movie…think…that is you…that is what you are…

That is why its not hurt so easily. Because it’s protected by a liquid

There’s also no nerve endings that register pain in your brain either, so you can jab a knife into your brain and not feel a thing, hence also allows parts of brain surgery to be done while the patient is awake.

There’s also been stories about some folks who lost part of their brains,

There was even a story once where someone is living a normal life, even though he lost half of his brain. Makes it a very amazing organ to be able to function with half of it removed.

@Namssil, have you ever read “The Skeleton” by Ray bradbury? that seems to be along your line :stuck_out_tongue: also it is kinda pertinent to this thread. its a short story, y’all should read it!!

3DGURU remember only your soul is eternal, your body is not. The ancient Greeks said that this plane of existence is made up of five elements: earth, wind, fire, air, and ether. You may come from pure consciousness, into to this world and go back to pure into consciousness. None the less it’s still a good ride. :smiley: