We are at the crossraods

What do you want for a future…


Star trek?

More or less as idylic as pure socialism, theory of the sustainable economy, and degrowing(not sure how it is called in english, in spanish is Decrecimiento);
cool stuff, but impossible without a real revolution

If a “colony” was formed, with the right technology, in a country that was not against is (like a 3rd world one)
that brought that country into greatness, it could spread like a fire…

things right now are pretty bad where I am.

1 job posting in 2 weeks…

%unemployed is a flat out lie…

they don’t count 4-30% of unemployment in each state/county

people are

The unemployment rate is 7.7%. But, there is another 0.6% of discouraged workers,(about 800,000) mainly the young, minorities and those without the all-necessary high school diploma. Another 0.9% are only marginally employed (whatever that means) and have mostly stopped looking for a job recently. More crushing is the 5.1% of the workforce most impacted by the 2008 downturn, who are working only part-time and would prefer to have a full-time position. That 5.1% part-time workers total 8 million people, who mostly are having trouble making ends meet and most likely have no health plan from their employer, according to Bob Eisenbreis, vice chairman and chief monetary economist at Cumberland Advisers, a New York-based investment firm that makes useful comments on the economy.


I imagine it all starting with a system to design self sufficient “Villages” that scale,
(think a mini-sky scraper that contains almost all that is needed for day to day activities.

Now imagine each sky scraper makes 1 modular part,
and the whole system universal and modular…

your car uses the same computer parts as your phone…
and everything is designed by a collaborative effort.

My battery can fit in any car, 4 of them can drive a semi-tractor etc.

Perhaps star wars is not that far fetched after all!

Star wars tomorrow means today is fantastic!

Or Stars Wars in 24 hours ?

Star Trek today or tomorrow!

It is so roarsome!

Ok Blue Print, I agree that the wars have to stop and the federal reserve is a joke, but this video does not really tell the truth when it comes to “free markets”. The person in the video keeps on conflating the problems with the economy and the wars with what he calls “market anarchism”. The free market, or what ever is left of it did not get us in to the position we’re in now - just the opposite actually.

The united states government has grown, and has steadily put more restriction on businesses, thereby restricting competition. While on the other side of the world China has become less restrictive and more open to trade and business interests. How do you explain China’s surge in prosperity and the worsening economic conditions in the states?

The video also equates being in dept for unpaid student loans, to SLAVERY. Slaves did not consent to being slaves and did not get services like college. College students did not have to go to college! How anyone could even mention student debt and slavery in the same sentence is beyond my understanding.

You posted this on my thread: “As long as there is competition, there will always be a loser.”

Well this just isn’t true. When I lose, I don’t really lose… I learn from the work I did or from the winner, on how to do my job better. Competition will always improve society (except for when it’s destructive, like war) because it makes us improve ourselves to the point where we are better than the “best”. This creates progress and innovation. The only way you lose is if you choose to lose.

I’m not knocking collaboration or sharing, I think A world without those thing would be very sad, but I find it a little disturbing that the lead of a game project is making the kinds of proclamations you make. You do know that with Wrectified we will be COMPETING in the same space as other game engines… right? We’ll be competing for cash and getting peoples eyes on the final product.

I really hope you aren’t planning on putting any anti free market propaganda in the game - like a pig creatures that you fight, that is always holding cash or something. Could you make it clear that you will not do that. I do dream of the kind of society you want, but I just think competition will take us there - Kind of like us competing in the game market will get us all a little bit closer to having a world with more free games, through blender.:slight_smile:

BTW by “free market” I mean people being able to trade and do business with each other, with no one being coerced.

I think there should be a needs market - heavily controlled… (so people don’t starve etc.)

and a wants market---- barley regulated.

Modularity and efficiency are what I crave…not communism.

the reason I have read that life can be depressing outside a small village setting is that no one knows each other…

and stress is a big thing in a big city.

so to re-iterate

Food - regulated and almost free from using automation etc.
Water - free
Power - Regulate and obtained from renwbale resources, attempt to be free.
Communication and education - Free.

Everything else is in a normal market, except more attention will be placed to regulating the efficiency of products and modularity.

In Wrectified I only hope to teach science, physics and coding (a little bit of each) as a side effect of the puzzes and stories (no preaching :slight_smile: )

You are aware that it costs a lot of money to get services like water and power to people, right (the maintenance costs of the infrastructure and worker salaries for example)? I do agree that those who are struggling to afford things like food can use help, but this is mainly the job of non-profit organizations, not the government’s job through the means of making you pay through the nose in taxes (who will likely do it a lot less efficiently anyway, also not forgetting the fact that the company itself may have a charitable system to help people afford the costs).

Also, it seems like the consideration of basic human rights is going beyond what is needed to keep people out of the elements and alive, there was a recent article or two talking about internet connectivity being a basic human right. Huh, since when did everyone have the inalienable right to post on Facebook and watch Youtube? I definitely would not want to see our taxes go higher so everyone can have computers and smartphones and there are more pressing needs than this.

As like Geometricity, I do agree that it would be nice to see more sharing and collaboration in this world, but the drive to have a better product than the others is what gives incentive for a person to innovate and sharing cannot be something that is coerced, but done with a willing heart and something that is encouraged (much like how our family has given food, time, and other things we don’t truly need as the moment to others in need. Only this is people sharing household goods rather than say, a company sharing their proprietary secrets with the world and giving the okay to copycats, secrets which might have cost hundreds of millions to develop and implement). This applies to small businesses as well since there are costs associated with getting the material for the products and their goal is to get a net positive return on their investment.

Ok, if I design a system that purifies water using energy, your water usage could drop dramatically,

if the energy you used was collected by “infinite solar panels” (http://www.anl.gov/articles/argonne-licenses-diamond-semiconductor-discoveries-akhan-technologies)

amorphous diamond? once they are made, they are a durable good for 200+ years… and printing diamond only sounds expensive… I have been reading about it’s rise to replace silica, not to mention making power by containing the radioactive wastes we have already made. buying one set could ensure power for your grandchildren’s children.

Now factor in things like Rep-Rap , and printing 3d shapes, and electronic devices.(made of diamond?)

If all objects contained modular parts, if one fails, you can fix it… not buy a whole new device.
now, it does not make sense for a “manufacturer” to make goods that last forever, as you will not buy another one.

But for humanity a “system” to rank items in terms of
3-cost to manufacture
4-amount of goods or services replaced

These “parameters” will have to be enforced somehow… like epa MPG guidelines… but real.

bottom line, if all have there needs met, and are even remotely educated, they become contributors, not leaches.

How advanced would science be if people did nothing all day except science?

I don’t think money has a place in a real future other then things beyond what is necessity.

So a hybrid-economy ?

if competition was the only driving force in the economy it might not be this way,
but the market is controlled by unseen forces, like oil… and are not fast to adapt.

another way to look at it…
I could give you welfare aid @ 300$ a month forever…
or I could pay 2000$ to produce the 300$ a month FOREVER with a solar panel that lasts forever…

teach a man to fish…

Or give a man a fish ?

teaching him to fish will feed him forever.

Thanks that’s all I needed to hear about the game. I just didn’t want to put in time to work on a game if there was going to be parts in it mocking people who believe in “free markets” and “liberty”, like in the video you posted. I wouldn’t even mind a little “preaching”, just as long as it’s not making fun of other people, or mocking their ideas.

How would you control the “needs market”? Would that mean that people would not be able to sell food, or that there would be a tax to pay for the food and it would be distributed to poorer countries via a governing agency?

It seems to me that where markets are controlled and regulated the most is where you see the most starvation and the most suffering (take the DPRK for example).

I mean things like https://plus.google.com/110906952240463985167/posts “FarmBot”

should be subsidised till they are almost free, along with solar panels, and ON SITE water purification…

all sustainably made…

it is a challenge.

But once food is worth nothing, who would grow it for profit?

Not around here… (lake county Ca) 1 fish per month - not recommended for pregnant women or children…


And the sea is fished out pretty fast these days…

Bro / cuz feel free to drop in our Aoteroa some day with a fishing rod and some bait. Cher!

Snapper bag limits in the country’s most popular fishery will be reduced from nine to seven, and the minimum legal size increased from 27cms to 30cms from April 1 next year.
Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy announcing his decision on management of the Snapper 1 fishery this afternoon.
He briefed recreational and commercial fishing representatives ahead of the announcement.
Sport Fishing Council past president Richard Baker said afterwards the recreational allowance of 2600 tonnes would increase to 3100 tonnes, but this was still below the current actual recreational catch.
"They are playing with paper fish.
“This decision is adverse to the public interest.”
Trish Rea, a spokeswoman for Legasea - which represents recreational fishers - said the changes would hurt mum and dad fishers who fished in inshore areas where a high proportion of fish caught were below 30cms.
Mr Guy said there were a range of options that went out in the consultation document, and a broad range of views were received on those. "I said that a bag limit reduction to three was an extreme option and highly unlikely.

"It’s great to have the feedback from those submitters, that gave us a very clear view that they value this fishery. A lot of the submitters also mentioned that they wanted to ensure that this fishery is sustainable for our future generations going forward.
“There’s a range of measures that means the commercial sector are going to have to lift their socks up,” he said, adding that the sector “are going to find things are going to change”.
The measures include tackling illegal dumping and wastage, monitoring fish catches and installing cameras and GPS tracking devices on all commercial fishing vessels to effectively watch everything fishers do on board.
Asked if he considered reducing the commercial sector allocation, Mr Guy said: "I considered all sorts of options from the advice that I had. I had all sorts of options to consider.
“I have landed a package that’s going to ensure Kiwis can still go out and catch seven snapper. We’re going to deal to the illegal dumping to do with the commercial fleet, we have a range of measures to know where they’re fishing and it’s going to be clearer reporting on the smaller fish that’s occurring in the commercial fleet.”
He also announced a programme looking at new ways to catch fish, in a “better state”.
Mr Guy said the increased allocation of 500 tonnes to recreational fishers had “gone down very, very well with them”.
“Mums and dads are going to be very pleased to know they’re still able to catch seven snapper a day.”
Facing a barrage of questions from media Mr Guy continued to repeat the new laws would ensure the future sustainability of the snapper stock in this area, given the forecast human population growth and expected rise in recreational fishing.
However, he conceded that the new limits on number and size of snapper catch would ultimately reduce the amount of snapper landed recreationally.
“It will bring the average down so it will allow the population to continue to grow,” he said.
“If we hadn’t made these changes now with the [human] population that’s forecast to grow in this particular area, the stock wouldn’t rebuild into a state that we want it to be in, and we wouldn’t want to be in a situation that we were in a few years ago in the blue cod fishery in the Marlborough Sounds, where it had to be closed and then reopened, and the current limits are two, with still some restrictions.”
Mr Guy described fishers in the snapper 1 area as “very passionate”.
By Geoff Cumming Email Geoff

Part of the true social-problem is that War is Profitable, like nothing else in the world is.

When two sides of “rebels” are shooting at one another and lobbing missiles at one another, they bought those guns, those bombs, that ammunition, from someone … someone who might well be selling to both sides. The United States, for example, is probably the biggest arms-exporter in the world, but by no means the only one. “Plowshares” are scrap-iron, but “swords” are pure-gold.

Plus, there’s all the other stuff: materièl, food, military bases the size of small cities. Governments will go into endless debt to pay-for these things even as they shut down services to their own countrymen in order to pay for them: just look at what the United States is doing right now. (“Sequestration” was never​ “Congress punishing itself.” Rather, it’s the War Cancer going fully metastatic.) All of this spending is Secret: if you so much as breathe the name of any one of the programs in the newspaper, they’ll box you up in prison for 120 years (or just use a different sort of box … “lots of things can go very wrong with a car …”).

Surf to read Hermann Goering’s candid comment: “Of course the people don’t want war. Why would a farmer want to go to war when the best that he can hope for is to come back to his farm in one piece? But, in the end … it works the same in every country.” Go find the complete quote and read it most-carefully. The industrialists of both the German and the Allied regimes made a very tidy fortune from that war, and they’ve never stopped waging-war since.

War = a way to dispose of the fighting youth, and cause a common enemy…

Tools for anti-revolution.

Did bombing anyone ever teach them anything but how to hate?