We are looking for a 3D volunteer for a Mount and Blade Warband mod

Hey to all people here a newbie entering the community!

Hi! I am looking for someone willing to help me with the 3D part of a Mount and Blade Warband mod, preferably people familiarized with low poly, not too low poly, just low-mid polys, as a normal warband model anyways i have a model polys list.

Well, our mod is a full conversion that tries to get the player inmersed in the Early Bronze Age, specifically in the year 2112 B.C., we already have a version up and running in modDB if anyone want to take a look, and we are try to find people for the upcoming version of the mod, you can take a complete look and download the mod here:

What kind of models we need?

  • Props for some scenes and Various items like weapons and armours

We have a discord, a place when usually post some scenes that i got recently making, so if you want to take a look on it, feel free and you can join here:

The team is waiting for you with open arms if you are interested!

Some maps that we have created (i will post just one because i am a new user and this dont let me post more than one) :
City of Ebla

If u are interesed let me know here or in discord

Discord username: rafa66#0435

Aegean Hillforts

City of Ugarit