We are stronger together

I have a game, it is a good game, make it a better game?

I have
A story,
a plan,
a system of assembling dynamic puzzles
plans to use the engine again for a much more ambitious project :slight_smile:

I need a decent pure python code monkey , and a sketch artist :slight_smile:

Me/BluePrintRandom-Logic based code monkey/problem creator and solver
I have some python and ok low poly models,

Akira_B ----Low poly and high poly modeler and texture artist awsomeness @ the moment (I have not asked if he can code)
the community - people answer questions-I have other much less active team members
what about you?

[email protected]

weapons system test http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHkm1FC21b4
Modular dynamic puzzle piece test -

skeletal animation / player motion test - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsAYchGJJK0

I haven’t even touched BGE. Cycles, cycles, cycles. (and nodes).

That being said, I know some friends who are excellent sketch artists.


Send them my way :slight_smile: we need to fill in our world with artistic talent, engineering, and ninjaneering!
I will still need amazing cut scenes, artistic splash screens, and OpenGL shaders etc…
the more of us that are competent at our own niches the stronger we are as a whole,
in blender and in humanity,

I have a next project I need to get cracking on, but I need to get this one done first… :slight_smile:
So look up project venus, now imagine it covered with bodies, mutants and killer robots, and it is 400+ years in the future, now imagine your there alone, and your family is trapped somewhere deep inside…

I love this project and will not abandon it until it is done and dominating the world so…
your only option is to submit to my will, and help me make a BGE game that generates ad revenue for us and blender game engine project upgrade money,

I need python coders-(I am only good at logic though I can explain what I want to do in python)
I have a great modeler
I need small component designers eventually who assemble levels, enemies and puzzles from components, as well as design new components that represent real world objects, and theoretical objects that are deemed plausible,
I also need a “city planner” that helps with the flow of the game, I have a game-play mechanic for dealing with multiple paths that are not traversable at first, but in the same section of map,
I have a story, and a system that will be fun to play when it is done,
I need a in game property editor that will be a Dos-like wrist mounted tacticle computer,
I need a 6dof script to manage assembling large complicated machines out of small components in game
I have it working but it is not re-assignable, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1ObyUY9hjM is a video of some of the systems working

I need sketch artists, I need writers(I know my story needs holes filled in) and most of all I need generalists, who can model, code and engineer,
notes on style this game will be more about play-ability then graphics, however I have a very talented art team coming together so this should look very nice,

Ok, So I got the in game properties manager working, now moving on to 6dof linkage manager, and then a few more enemies, and levels, and we have a game!

I look at component, I walk up to component, small screen on arm flickers to life when in range, the name of the object and three properties show up on the screen, you set the properties, and “snap” the component to another, it interacts with the other component, you solve the puzzle

a robot attacks, you blow his head off… and then take his “sensor” and mix it with a laser gun and radar and computer, now you have a missile defense system…

this is how the game will play, components will solve puzzles, enemies will be made of them, and so will your weapons/accessories etc…

I still need a sketch artist,
and some people who re-texture / bake down normals to take content we already have designed and make it look nice :slight_smile:
I could use another animator, but Akira_b is awsome enough to wait for :slight_smile:

I could also use some help with turning a series of keyframes into servomotions via a script somehow :slight_smile:

right now I am working on having the component loosely bound to your torso, so it bobs around while walking, and so do your Ik targets, so in effect, you look like you are carrying the component… :slight_smile:

here is what I have been messing with, I had been trying to set a new target for 6dof in the bge…
but I am not near proficient enough to go editing the trunk yet, as I am still new to coding python, so I used physical collisions and ended up with almost the same style of movement, without having to change the target of a 6dof, or have a 8 “hooks” per object…

Your videos looks cool but I haven’t been able to grasp what the game is about. How will these gameplay components be linked together, what will the challenge be for the user?

the enemies will be made of components, these will be used to solve puzzles, and make weapons, sometimes the puzzle will be destroying an enemy, but it will play somewhere between minecraft and a real time chrono-trigger and fallout…