We don't need a game section

(Blender_owl) #1

There is a site already devoted to games.


(Abracsis) #2

blendergames.com Is probably the UNDERUSED site on the internet for it’s potential.

I don’t think people know about it. But realise that Sara posted about the games section far before blendergames.com was made. only recently has the post been “reanimated”.

I think with everyone comming to elysiun to these forums, the Blendergames site will always be underused. hell i only found out about it through you just replying to that other post. I will post my games there, but centralisation is good for the blender world. And a small uploads section at elysiun would perhaps encourage some render heads to take a look.


(wes1) #3

Well Abracsis has got a point there, BlenderGames.com is “Underused”. But BlenderGames.com needs to grow, we need time where just 1/5 month in the world.

And second it’s specially for Gamedesigners and not for the rest, isn’t that where we where complaining we want are own section! Well we have now “a whole site”. We are trying to make the best of it, but you gys need to help us like i sad in the newsletter.

BlenderGames.com will be THE site for Blender Gamedesigners! Unless we don’t need it then tell me please,


(sara) #4

why dont you ask ton to put a blendergames logo in blender3d.com??

everybody is here or goes here because everthing points to elysiun so make a game section here or promote it from blender3d.com

or else…your son will die.

(wes1) #5

Wanna know why we didn’t do that Sara, We are not the only Blender site once also got are logo there everybody want’s it. But i haven’t ask you know!

and Elysiun.com is verry close with NaN & Ton so i think no place for us. But you sad we could die, not if everybody makes use of it UPLOAD THOSE GAMES DUDE"S .


Please don’t let it be for nothing! (but we won’t give up son!!!:>

(Carl) #6

Isn’t it possible to simply keep it here… just like the finished projects forum have a finished games forum… seems logical to me…