We need a free video effects editor

i know people have probably asked this sometime before but WHY IN THE WORLD OF OPEN SOURCE we have everything form a image editor to a operating system (not to mention 3d animation programs) but NO GOOD VIDEO EDITOR that can compete with adobe after affects??? or maybe im just missing it. is there? i know jasahnka and kino but nothing that supports blue screen(or any color) and captures thu usb. what do you all use?:confused:

with Blue screen you mean “Chroma key” :slight_smile:
it’s pretty much supported in all movie editors… it can even be done in windows movie maker or so i’ve read.

There are a few open movie editing programs but projects have to get lucky to get picked up by a community that makes it grow.
a few decent ones are:

I guess it’s up to you to find one you like most

tutorial for chroma key in jahshaka:

duh-Blender has TWO video editing tools. One is called a non-linear editor NLE, and is the Video Sequence Editor or VSE. The other is node-based and is called the Compositing. Take your pick, or use the best of each-they are totally integrated.

Point of note: After Effects is not a video editor. It’s a compositor.

Your forgetting that blender is one very powerful video editor!

Sequence editor my friend!

I made this using only blender sequence editor (and footage from game)

… and stop bringing up Jahshaka!
It’s dead!
(although it has been twitching again in recent times…)
… and let me add to the voices of support for VSE and the node compositor.

I don’t really like the attitude of always expecting a free equivalent of everything. Does anyone ever say why don’t we have a free version of DVD movies so we don’t have to pay for them?

The bottom line is that smart people have to put in a lot of effort and development time to produce a compelling software product and to expect people like that to give their work away for free is selfish.

Yes there are people who do give good work away for free like the Blender developers, GIMP devs and the Linux OS developers but they are exceptions and you shouldn’t expect it from them - you can only appreciate it. Other people who give away their work for free usually don’t have anything worth sharing. As soon as someone develops a free video editor, people will say well it’s not good enough, it’s not stable, it doesn’t compete with commercial products.

Then where is the incentive for the project to continue?

I think that people need to stop asking where the free software is at and start supporting commercial developers, especially on the Linux platform. Even if they are small-time developers, support their efforts in creating good software. Do you think any of the major software companies would be where they are today without commercial backing?

Even Blender needed funding to get started on an open source path. If they hadn’t raised 100,000 euros, we probably wouldn’t be using Blender today - at least not in its present form.

One other issue on Linux is there needs to be industry standard media support built into the system. None of the crap about audio drivers not working or lagging or not being able to play multiple media streams or whatever. These problems won’t always happen but they come up way more than they should and these issues need to be fixed at the OS level and standardized across all distros.