We need a Physics subforum

I wonder if others feel the same way and those physics sims are pretty detail oriented

I wholeheartedly agree to this. Physics and simulation are such a vital and complex part of the 3D-workflow that they deserve their own subforum.

Given how much hassle we had doing the physics sims for Sintel, I definitely agree.
(We really could have used a dedicated physics expert on the team!)

IMHO this is a neglected topic in the Blender community.
Most of the “tests” you see involve a simple cube/sphere/plane, which is fine, but when you actually try to use the various physics systems in more complex “real world” situations, they become incredibly difficult to master. See Nathan’s Durian blog post on the dragon’s wings, for example.

In short:
+1 for this idea.

It think it would just point out that Blender can’t do physics very well. In my experience, the Blender system is just not good enough.

The particles only have that spherical detection method which falls short in most cases.

The fluid parameters are so touchy that you can spend hours and hours and still never achieve anything more than “hey I can fill up the cube”.

Sorry if this comes off too negative, just calling it like I see it. Nobody roots for the umpire.

The game dynamics seem to be in the best shape at least you can do triangle mesh and convex hull stuff.

Tell me about it. I became the defacto particle guy for the Durian project. Trying to get good quality collisions is really tough.

Amen. Indeed, we didn’t end up using fluid sim for Durian. The same can be said for smoke. Works great when you want to fill a cube in the GL viewport, but anything more complex and it goes haywire.

Don’t get me started on hair… there were a few times where we considered going polygonal.

All this says to me, however, is that these physics systems need a lot more real world testing so that we can give the devs of the various systems some useful feedback. Complaining does nobody any good unless you can come up with useful information.

Yes, better physics would be very much appreciated. One problem with physics and generating a larger support group may be the fact that the processing time to get a result is enormous. Also keep in mind that most Blender users have a limited budged and thus processing power … some extra promotion for the render farm might help. Blender should take over the seti computer netwerk, searching for aliens wtf.

I agree with you Physics and simulation are such a vital and complicated part of the 3D-workflo.

the physics sprint
was promising

may be I sound a bit disappointed
may be I am
but I would be more than happy to get things going

It sounds like a good idea to me. I suspect that most of the questions would be simple at the start, and that would encourage others to use the physics, which in turn would build up a user base that becomes increasingly experienced.

I agree as well, although I think an overhaul of the entire forum at the same time would be more effective. The setup we have now is inefficient and overly complex.

Even if we all agree that there should be a physics subforum, or any other change to the board, it would take someone in the administrative staff to effect it-- and as far as I can tell, this site has no active admins. And if they are active… well, people have been complaining about various defects and troubles with this forum for a long time, and nothing’s been changed yet. I honestly don’t know what to think.

To reiterate, I support the motion for a physics subforum where problems and questions regarding Blender’s physics system can be discussed, explored and solved.

+1 on a Physics section, perhaps specifying that it’s Physics and/or Particles.

I started a thread on this some time back which still gets the occasional add, though nothing seems to be done about it in terms of making it a reality.

http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=190885 <= other thread, same old.

I’ve seen a few posts where people have had physics questions but have had no clue where to post them.

i vote for one!
“physics & simulation”

Sounds nerdy - I like it.

nah i dont think its necessary… but i guess the more the merrier :slight_smile: