we need to lesson

I need to lesson or answering for 6 question :
1- in the game , I want the player search for specific letters to form a specific word appears on the top of the player(screen) with thin color.And when the player find the correct letter,it flys to the right place and colored with dark color,and so on?

2- how to connect the levels of the game together ?

3- how to finish game in a limited time [i.e : 30 second]?

4- how to make the player walks on the bridge (play ground) without being out of it (earth gravitation)?

5-when the player crash with the model <how to show affect on the model[i.e falling or blowing]?

6- when the play ground [cube] surrounded by water, how to make the player falling into water and sinking?

i dont know all of these answers but ill try answer a few.
4- i had the same problem . check out this link
if this doesn’t work then ill try explain it in better detail.
5- ok for this i thin you are going to have to set it in your logic bricks so that ‘on collision’ your character will move back a few steps ( or if he’s rigged he falls back or whatever)
(if this doesn’t make sense i could make a quick tutorial or explain it a little better.

hope this helps, if not just holler

2- try the scene --> setscene command or (if your level is in another blend file) game --> start new game

ok well we are on this topic (this is gonna sound dumb) how do you make a new scene? i know you can go into a scene by clicking 2 ( not numpad). but how do you name the scene so when you use setscene command it knows what scene to go to?

That’s a layer in the current scene (can have up to 10 layers in the same scene). Make a new scene by clicking on the up/down arrows next to the scene menu item at the top of the screen in the middle then click on “add new” and name it to whatever you want.

coonerboy>>thanks very much>> but i am dont understand>>can you make picture? [i am tiro in game engine^:^)

and thanks all

and what about question 1>>any person answering it ?

>>whay dont the text apper in game engine??

“>>whay dont the text apper in game engine??
You have to convert the text to Mesh - Ctrl + C -> To mesh

Actually, the correct command is Alt+C . :wink:

thank all >> but
i need the answering to first question >>very fast

I suppose you could have an animated ipo for movement and color…