We need YOU!

Hi everyone,

we are a young talented team of developers and have a great idea for an Open world game made with Blender. We have already many ideas and drawings and need YOU to achieve our goals.

We need modellers, texture workers, riggers, animators and lighting and compositing specialists.

please contact us in this thread.

we pay no money, we give YOU just the opportunity to be part of something great. Maybe even like apple or Microsoft or Facebook!

It is a revolutionary game concept!

kind regards

We can just say this. It is like 4D tetris!!!

World has never seen something like that!!! we have the greatest mind in our team the world has ever seen. He is double as smart as Einstein.

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The Jobs forums are for sincere offers of work. Please keep it that way. If you would like to discuss people attempting to produce collaborative work on a forum, you can do that here.

With this kind of claim I think it is fair to ask for examples of your previous work along with your credentials to back up such superlative wording.

If it’s anything less than astonishing, don’t be surprised if the vast majority of users here shake their heads in disbelief.