We will give you the chance to work on the real commercial

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Our team - “The Code Gangsters”, we have created an Android game - “Mixer CG” and the final result exceeded our expectations. The idea is really unique and the thing is that we want the world to know about the game. We want people to play it. So, we are creating a one-minute long video to convey an original story and introduce people to the game.

Currently, we have one Blender artist on the team and we want people to join us.
We need one desert scene for the video two characters, an aeroplane model and that’s it. We need low poly models.
The two characters need to be rigged, so we can animate them in our mockup studio(we use Kinect for it).

Feel free to contact us for more details,
and don’t miss the chance to work on the next potentially viral game.

The Code Gangsters

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i’'m in… my email: [email protected]

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Got it. I’ll email you.

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Got it. Will email you. Thanks.