We would be glad to help you find customers

Hi everyone!

I am Olexandr and our team works on the project where you’ll be able to find customers (and not only this but we begin with both simple and difficult thing: help 2d/3d animators to find customers).

  1. You create portfolio page
  2. We attract companies interested to order animation
  3. They contact with you

We have a lot of ideas for the improvements and changes we can bring here. In the future we want to help animators to organise in teams and make animated movies, simplify dubbing and search for dubbers in different languages and other things.

If it sounds interesting for you just subscribe: https://kartoonart.com and we’ll notify you when we launch.

We want to build awesome community and I’d be glad if you join us. I am also available via email: [email protected] or skype: o.s.shalakhin

Have a wonderful day!