We would like to team up with level designers and animators on a new game.

A couple friends and i started a project a few weeks ago. The idea has grown bigger and bigger to the point that its a full on game now. It will be our first. I am a developing modeler and the other two are doing programming and storyboard. Needless to say a character standing in one spot in blank space isnt very interesting, no matter how cool of a history they have. We are looking for people who can help us put the rest of it together. The ideas are there, just not the know-how to create them. As far as the architecture and decor goes it is a fairly modern setting. We are by no means concept artists but we have some sketches. As for the animation i haven’t even tried rigging yet let alone complex movements. Ive made a few riggable meshes but im still trying to expand my knowledge of modeling before i try another field. Also if anybody knows (or is) a good texture artist let me know. That step isnt far off. If you would like more info just ask and you shall recieve.

What are you expecting of the level designers? I have been interested in that field for a while now since I am no good at organic modelling. Also, what level of graphical detail are you aiming for? Please PM all the details.

You’re the modeller. Modelling environments isn’t that hard, once you know about the proportional edit tool (O key, circle button down the bottom of the 3D view).
To build a game environment:

  • Build a stash of ‘props’ Houses, trees etc.
  • Build a landscape (or cave)
  • Put the props into the landscape.

As will all things 3D, it will take a few hours to make anything reasonable.

Just thought id give the thread a bump and add a little specificity. The setting for most of the story is an urban environment. It is much like what comes to mind when you think of a downtown area. That is old brick buildings that are worn out and an intricate network of roads and alleys. Some of the level settings include a warehouse, abandoned streets, a metro system, and an old colonial style home. As far as poly count goes there is’nt really a minimum because a lot can be done in texturing (ie. bricks,wood etc) but the game is intended for pc so you can pretty much throw out polygons to your hearts content. We will start working on objects very soon. it really comes down to needing some extra hands to expidite the proccess.