weaknesses gained from program advantages

Recently, i’ve been looking at evermotion, and I’ve realized that with each program, there are bounds, and styles that comes out of using the programs.
ie, 3ds max, most often ppl in 3ds have results with too well defined edges, mostly likely from a re-topology function, either up or down scale.
as to z-brush, the change between smooth and not smooth surfaces are too large; mainly due to the usefulness of the texture brush, and due to that we get placers where we thing there’s ridges, and then places that are smooth. and because it’s so easy to apply textures to the mesh, some places are left out.
and then there’s blender
i think our problem is the over use of big smooth surfaces(they are too common), i don’t necessarily think that blender are good at modeling smooth surfaces, but rather, we need to tread carefully so that there are NO triangles, n-gons when we subdivide
i think that’s the source of the overuse of big flat surfaces, because it takes enough time to make the surface perfect.

what do you think? do you tend to have a use of big smooth surfaces(% of the subject with smooth big surfaces)

I think that’s rather the problem of individuals rather than the program.

it’s an opinion, you can say whatever you like,
but i gave my reason, so would you like to mention your reasoning too?
i’m interested to both of the sides

can you give examples(pictures) of what you are talking about because I honestly can’t see how using 3dmax will lead to you having too well defined edges or using blender will lead to big smooth surfaces.

I can kinda see what the OP is getting at.

When using a program - people would tend to use functions that are easy and quick to use. This may affect the aesthetics of any scene created using that software.

A classic example (if slightly different to the examples the OP has used) is the Lightwave lens flare. Lightwave was one of the first programs to implement lens flare and it was very easy to use. Hence scenes created using lightwave tended to have an excessive use of Lensflare (just look at Babylon 5).

for me, i think the biggest one is the simplicity and low vertex count my models tend to have when you strip away the modifiers.
I rely heavily on modifiers for everything you see. it got to the point where whenever i tried to make sketches on paper, i would drift to the right edge of the paper looking for a mirror modifier :smiley:

another thing i got very addicted to was numpad navigation. whenever i tried using a program that didn’t have that, it felt too rigid.

I guess both aren’t really weaknesses since they don’t affect my final results… and they forced me to focus on just blender until i got this good.

Yeh I don’t agree that they are weaknesses per-se - but the features a program contains or that are easy to use is bound to have some effect on the aesthetics of any scenes created within it.

My reasoning is that I have never witnessed this phenomenon you describe. All problems I have seen with people’s art is very much universal no matter what software you use. I usually hang around on Polycount and CGSociety and I have seen many artists post “bad art”, however I see them switching software and still make the same mistakes.
You might be right in that people who have learned to model in Max make specific mistakes because of the way they learned how to do it (the “Max” way) but in my experience those problems transfer with the user. Someone who knows how to model in Max will try to model the same way in Cinema 4D so the same issues will arise there.

@ninthjake, i think in a way, the original post includes your view. the users learned those weaknesses from the program’s strength and they carried it with them wherever they went.

ah another one i’ve noticed is that the shadows in daz renders are usually very very black even on a bright day. i think it’s mostly due to the fact that there’s no environment lighting or light bounces in daz studio and because daz lights are more optimized for mimicking bright sunlight and outdoor scenes. even when they render in blender using BI, daz artists tend to have the same issues.

Big smooth surfaces, screenshot please ?