weapon design

A weapon i’ve made, still need to add more detail, and texture it.
C&C would be nice :slight_smile:


Cool!Look like a minigun in worms armageddon.Some detail tips :wink:


Is this some kind of hand-held railgun? Or is it a rifle designed by a Vorlon? :wink:

Thanks for the reply’s :slight_smile:

I’m really into Halo, and I like to design Halo-ish weapons. This is a first human plasma rifle :smiley: .
You can’t see the trigger… (2nd render, black thing under the gun…)
One hand at the trigger, and one hand holding the handle on the back.

I’m working on details now…


the pix arent showing up, would you mind posting them as attachments? thanks man

As you wish :smiley:


Looking very good. Like a mix between a covenant carbine and a human missle launcher…wow i sound like a nerd :wink: Good work man

The thing on top is the battery, so you can reload! (good thing, those stupid depleating covenant plasma weapons… ) And the 4 ‘barrels’ are magnetic linear accelerators, to launch the plasma at high speeds. (i now the theory of the plasma rifle :wink: )
unfortunaly some software is updating, so it uses a lot of RAM (blender slow :frowning: ) I’ll work on it tomorrow. And if I’m really bored, I’ll make a reload animation :slight_smile:


sounds good(yeah, the plasmas suck)