Weapon Generator

Early version of weapon generator. I haven’t modeled many parts for it yet, so it may seem redundant…

Last Video (Environment Demo):

wowow thats really impressive! The laser is MW3 quality, along with the night vision, but the textures on everything else suck. anyways, its not meant to be the best in textures, but all the light effects are impressive :smiley:

Thanks! Ya the textures and models are all placeholders right now. So far, I’ve mostly been working on the physics and lighting.

great effects,dats really something rare in bge!!
good job and keep it up bro!

So, there’s a new video on the first post showing some of the features I’ve made for this game. They are:

light effects (halos, flares, lasers, night vision),

player physics including automatic obstacle climbing,

brand-new inertial mouselook system,

ballistics with bullet drop,

the world’s first M4 carbine to fire monkey heads instead of bullets (Colt, call me)

This is sick man I’m feeling really inspired more especially after seeing that some people like me aren’t using blender to its full potential… keep it up bro nice job!!!

Cool laser :slight_smile:

great job so far! everything looks awesome, but how did you manage the day and night cycle? I’ve been trying to achieve this for a while and got little to no help on the forums.

There is a global Time property that can be accessed by objects in the scene to get the current time. The sun plays an animation and changes intensity based on the time, and the skybox changes color.

Lamp and spotlight video:

new video on first post.

It already starts to get the feeling of a triple A title… which seems to be the goal, so keep improving!

Very nice quality indeed! :slight_smile:
The gun model looks great.

Btw, how did you get such a laser effect?

Thanks. The laser beam is an animated alpha map that is stretched to the hit distance of a ray. The laser point is placed at the hit position of the same ray. The point is actually a light source from my lighting system, but you could just make it an alpha-mapped plane to get a similar effect.

New video on first post!

If it looks like the short iron sights don’t belong on the xm8-style receiver, it’s because they don’t. I’m going to restrict certain weapons to only have the tall iron sights, I just haven’t done it yet.

Very interesting stuff, nice work, the weapon generator is awesome! How did you do the movement? - In a video you said you can walk over small obstacles and stairs, how is this done? Keep it up!

The player basically hovers over the ground (sort of like a distance constraint would do), and there is a 10-frame transition time to get to the target distance above the ground. That way, the player basically floats over small obstacles, but the delay makes it look like you step up and over it.