Weapon (mace?)

Hey, This is a project ive been working on for a while. It was one of the first things I ever modeled a long time ago, and then I left it alone for a few weeks, then, when I learnt how to texture, I went back and textured it, and as I learned things, I would go back and try to improve the scene. Its still not where I want it to be but its at the point where Im proud of it. I actually rendered this image months ago, and never got around to posting it. I want to improve on the sky, the lighting, and some other things, but for now, here it is. Comments/Concerns are very much appreciated.

i dont think maces can in chrome lol… back then they were made outa steel which wasnt as shiney and streight lol

nice render thou

it’s actually called a “goedendag”… mostly black with iron spikes… good job though:)

u can also call it a flail… and i think the collor differed by the person that was macking it

for example it could have been black becouse of an addition to the metal, which would be kinda pointless as these things were used to crack open peoples heads not show off

Ya it’s a flail a mace is basicly a stick with the pointy ball on the end, flail has the chain. But really well done

Haha, where do you live. It’s not an happy day if you meet a “goedendag” too early ^^.

It looks nice, and i like it (i like medieval stuff ;)), but perhaps too mirrored. You could also make the wooden part more realistic.

That jpg picture is freaking 1406.3 KB .

Convenient if you’re saving it to a floppy disk.

Very shiney mace! If you are going to do some work on it, then I would scrap the grass and place it on an uneven stone floor. The shadows on the floor would help to give the image depth. A bit of rust and dents (wear and tear) on the mace might be good, too. Wood textures.

in other words:a bling-bling mace for rappers.lol
It’s f***ing good thought.the grass needs a bit of work thought but all of all-8.8/10