weapon of mass destruction 30 min.





sgt crunch …
needs textures and an enviroment though

BackiZ how do you use that weapon?

I press a big red bottom that says “NEVER press this button”. Unfortunately I did press it (as you can see at the pic) the energy beams bundle and gain more strengt. It will reach my satelite in space and will be reflected to any place in the universe!! MUAHAHAHAHA

damn you are evil :Z

oh thats a laser…

i got it

the beam looks like some solic stick

yeah you should have at least used alpha transparency and colored the laser

its sorta less realistic solid

Nice model, BackiZ!
I’m curious, how’d you make the render look so good like that?
I’m not too good with rendering, and I can’t ever get mine to look grainy like that.

StaticDemon, what gives that grainy look is called “Ambient Occlusion” (AO for short), if you select your camera… go to the materials pane, you’ll see a tab for Ambient Occlusion where you can turn that on for your camera.

In a way… it’s sort of like a cheap global illumination… It does take some extra time to render, but, imho, it’s usually worth it. Check out wikipedia entry about AO

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