Weapon Pickup Tutorial

Recently I have been seeing that a lot of people ask “How do I switch weapons in a FPS?” or “How do I pickup a weapon in a FPS?” Well, I am going to tell you, so you can stop making new topics asking how to do this. Ok, so to start offyou need to have some knowledge of FPS making, such as:
Mouse Look
And you need to have your ground set up. This is where we will start.
Ok, First we add a cube and model it into whatever gun you want. Then we will put it in front of the camera (normally in a FPS the gun is toward the right side of the camera.) Next you need to spawn an empty NOT AN EMPTY MESH! An empty mesh won’t work. Next open a new layer and spawn a UV Sphere or a cube, then resize it to bullet size. Then go back to the original layer and set the empty to spawn the bullet and send it in the right direction. Then make the gun parent the camera. Next set up your logic bricks for moving on the gun, and make it dynamic. Then set up a second gun and put it where you want it in front of the camera. then make an int property on the camera. Name it weapon and set the value to one. Then add a sensor controller and actuator to both guns. Change the sensor on gun one to property: weapon: value equal to 2 then connect it to the controller and connect the controller to the actuator. Then change the actuator to visibility: invisible. Now when the property “weapons” equals 2 you won’t be able to see gun 1. Now do the same thing on the other gun except make it invisible when “weapons” equals 1. Now add new controllers sensors and actuators to both guns. Now set the sensor to collision with a duplicate of gun 2 (Place the duplicate where you want it.) connect the sensor to controller, then connect the controller to the actuator. Change the actuator to property: weapons: add: 1. Now when you collide with the duplicate of gun 2 you will suddenly be holding gun 2. Now add another actuator, connect it to the same controller, and change it to edit object: end object: (Gun2 duplicates name). Now do the opposite of the past few steps on gun 2 with gun 1 duplicate. Now you can pickup weapons. If you want to switch weapons, just change the collisions to keyboard keys. Simple as that.
Sorry for the long tut, it was my first tutorial EVER.
I hope this helped!
-Fabled Face

Seems pretty well written, only thing I might say is, maybe you should split it into a few paragraphs. It’s a little hard to read a plain block of text.

Yeah, I am going to add some screenshots to maybe help out with this problem. Thanks for the suggestion.

Great Way of Talking, more feel free than Step one kid of stuff! Thx

Thank you! And thanks for telling me what you think!