weapon sketchyness :D

im gonna do a little weapon model sketching just to see what i can come with :smiley: hopefully i learn something from it.and just doing it as im thinking about improvements to my f1 concept just to try and be more creative in short amount of time now that im working again :D. not sure if i should of put it here though if a mod feels like it should be elsewhere then move it please.
1st sketch 20mins from start to finish :smiley: the red hair is supposed to be a distraction


First and foremost, You might wanna place the red (looks like orange on my screen) around where the blade is fastened on the shaft, becasue the string on most glaives served a purpose more than just distraction. the other thing I want to mention is the the wooden staff. I’m a little noobish so all i’m gonna say is that you should try doing some research on texturing, to give it a wooden feel. Other than that, great glaive!

In regards to textures, play around with the shaders, particularly the specularity and hardness. Try mapping a wood texture to the handle, and see how you like it. For the hair, decrease the specularity: the hair seems a bit on the shiny side. Try to get the blade to look more metallic and shine more. I am assuming you are aiming for photorealism, not cartoon-ish, am I correct?
Other than that, everything looks great!

P.S. I checked out your F1 car. I compliment you on your modelling skills!


Thanks, alright ill have to redo it anyway i didn’t save the blend shouldn’t take long:D also there’s some room for improving on the model itself.i wasn’t going for realism maybe i should try so i will make a hdr map to see if i can make it better :smiley: , i will make the wood and metal textures in photoshop.

here’s a Silenced Automatic Pistol (gonna have a fire-rate similar to the p90) i knocked up yesterday…have yet to do the normal maps which ill do in photoshop.in preperation for my new computer in a couple of days :smiley: yeah can’t wait now :smiley: