Weapons by a complete noob

I just started using blender a few weeks ago and need some advice on how to improve my work.



I am also a n00b, but I think the axe handle and sword blade are both too short. Overall, good job!

okay, i’ve been using blender for a while, and here’s my advice. i would make the axe handle and sword blade longer too, but the biggest thing here is textures, especially on the sword. what kind of settings are you using? play around with them for a while, they look kind of toony imo. try playing with the lighting too, the scene seems really bright. if you make it darker and put some raytracing on, and make the sword reflective, it could be really nice.

Made blade and axe handle longer & changed lighting. Any better?


Better. Much better. That looks like I could hold the axe without cutting my wrists on the blade. :smiley: And the lighting is a lot better too, how do you get things to look shiny, do use mirror? When ever I do that the sword just blends in with the back ground…

Better. Much better.

Thanx :expressionless:

how do you get things to look shiny, do use mirror?

Nah, takes 2 long to render on my dinosaur computer! I just used a a UV map for the texture.[/quote]

Any more advice?

Put some shadows in.
More bump mapping on the wall.
Set smooth on the golden rings holding the axe and the hilt of the sword (the yellow part).
Make the blade of the axe a bit less pointy (it’s looking fake right now).
The dark parts of the blade of the axe don’t contrast enough with the background.
General: use some slight bevels, most edges are too sharp.
The blades of the sword and the axe don’t look 3D, but 2D. Get some depth into them.

Alright, this sounded really harsh. But your work isn’t bad, I’m just trying to help. When I’d started on blender for only a few weeks I was still trying to figure out the navigation tutorials.

Good luck.

Don’t worry bout soundin’ harsh, honest crit is what I asked 4 :wink:

Not really sure what a few of these things mean tho:

1: What is bump mapping?
2: How do I only use setsmooth on part of a mesh?
3: What are bevels?
4: See what u mean about the 2d thing, how would I fix it?

  1. Bump mapping is applying a texture to your model and mapping it to the normals or using it as a displacement map.

  2. Go into editmode. Select all vertices. Set solid. Select the vertices of the part you wish to set smooth on. Set smooth. Tab into object mode again. You’re done.

  3. The image over here gives you an idea of what bevelling is.

  4. Better lighting helps (it can bring some relief into your model). Also just making it thicker could be a solution.

Extra info on 1:
Select your object.
Add a texture to it. (F6)
Select a texture type.
Map it to Nor and/or Disp in the material buttons. (the ‘texture tab’ and the ‘map to’ tab)

i’ve been using blender a long time, and my adivce is: don’t uv map the weapons. make them seperate meshes and use procedural textures or good image maps, especially on these models. The texture on the axe has a couple sharp lines where it crosses to the next ‘chunk’ of texture, where it repeats. take a close look at your textures, because good texturing can go a long ways.

also, maybe bump map the texture on the walls. set the texture to map to ‘Nor’ and give it a rating. That will make the wall bumpy, which will add a lot imo. anyways, keep it up, post us some updates!

(i hope i didn’t sound too evil)

Image Maps?

Anyway, I’ve made a (slight) improvement. Set rings & hilt to smooth & tried to smooth out axe blade.



Look at “Image Textures”


this is where the textures look a little wierd