Weapons rack...


  • Still messing around with the lighting and textures
  • Trying to decide if I should add more weapons and which ones
  • Added the mage staff, thinking this might be the armory of a warrior mage so may add a table with various arcane items…
  • Also need to find a good excuse to get more light reflecting off those weapons.

Lookin good so far. :slight_smile:

Looks fairly good so far, nice texturing; one thing you could add is one of those wheel things that sharpens things… I can’t remember the name but I know that its a big stone wheel that turns around really fast…

Thanks Kansas!

Good call on the sharpening stone, Strategoi… I didn’t think of that and it would be a nice addition. I may end up adding one of those.

looks good, maby some shields as well?
I think the sharpening thing is called a wet stone or something?

Ok, trying out the table idea first… but not too happy with it. I think the wet stone (I think you’re right on the name, Dsaber), is a better idea.


This is very nicely done. Texturing is awesome. Great stuff.

The problem I have is that you show a night scene outside the window, but the light entering the window casts a very bright highlight on the floor like daylight. Maybe just get rid of that halo lamp altogether?


I’m not too sure about that. A full moon at night can be awefully bright.

As per the weapon rack, what of daggers, bows/arrows? And I’ll note you have a helmet there. A suit of armour or a sheild would be a nice addition (if they’re a warrior/mage I’d say maybe leather or chainmail).

Really good texturing so far.

Cool start

Perhaps some spell books on a shelf, if he is a mage.

And about the sharpening stone, i think it Whet stone.

Extend the rack, add maybe a pike, a halberd, a spear, some armor, helmet, more sword, maybe a crossbow, bow and arrows.

I like medieval weapons…

Ok, so earlier today, I took out the table and replaced it with a sharpening wheel thingie… I also made the light a lot more blue.

It looked really damn good.

And then I… uh… hit F1 and middle clicked the file name… DOH! And autosave didn’t seem to be working right… the autosave file was old.

So, when I get back from some weekend festivities, I’ll build the wheel and fix the light again. Then like Sardoth recommended, I will probably lengthen the rack and get some ranged weapons on there as well as a shield and possibly some other armor.

Thanks for all of your input so far!

its called a grinding wheel, the spinning kind. a whet stone is a static block which you keep wet and slide the metal over for very fine shaprening. a grindning wheel is a lot more chunky and takes more metal off.

cool scene btw, it’d be nice to see a nice bright moon out the (pretty oddly shaped…) windows to warrant the bright shadow…

Haven’t had much time to work on this the past few days, but here’s a tiny update.

  • Grinding Wheel added.
  • Adjusted light to hopefully look more like moonlight
  • Fixed the bump mapping on the walls… The bump needed to be neg’d.

As for adding a moon as Traitor suggested, that will probably not happen, just because the angle of the light coming in suggests the moon being above and to the right of the window opening… so it wouldn’t be visible. Hopefully by dimming that light and making it more blue, it is more believable.


Ok, I think I’m about done with this scene.

I adjusted the camera angle and worked on the halo light a bit more.

I also added a shield to the scene.

I’m gonna let it sit for another day or two and then take another look at it, but I think I’m done.

C&C always appreciated.


another idea might be to add a central table with candle(s) which could be reason for a scene brightening without losing the moonlight halo. also, you halo looks too blue and too strong IMHO. try tuning a few things, and maybe use buffered shadows for that as well?

Just a thought: If I was the ‘Master at arms’ in that nice armory room you have there, I wouldn’t want that grinding wheel to be placed where you have it (against the wall)… I would have it a little bit away from the walls (but not in the center of the room…) and parrallel to the weapons rack for bigger ease of use…

Not that it is bad right now, but some times if you take into account conveniency of use and accessibility, when you place things into your scene, it adds a degree of realism…

The lighting of the scene suggests that there are torches up against the walls (so I think you should add them next thing :wink: )…

Other than that very cool scene…

Keep up…

Well, I’ve tweaked the lighting on this a bit more and I think I like where it’s at.

Thanks again for all your comments.

Timonides, those are all good points and all things I actually considered and then conciously rejected due to composition concerns.

I’m glad that the lighting suggested torches to you, because that’s exactly what I wanted to achieve. But I also want to keep that corner fairly dark and don’t think I would be able to justify that as much if a lit torch was visible in the scene.

As for the grinder, I sacrificed realism for composition. On the one hand, the grinder’s relation to the rack would realistically work fine. But yeah, against the wall, there’s no way you’d be sharpening that sword… heh heh.

My host is having some…eh… .issues, but hopefully the images will load fine: