i havn’t realy been using 3D apps long but i thought i would start by trying to model a some weapons as there shapes are pretty basic, any way tell me what you guys think



Nice m0deling there man! Let me give you a tip or two:

To save an image of the render, select an image type (it’s below where you set the resolution of the render). Then click File-> Save Image.

Just make sure to write the proper extension at the end of it.

Also, if you want to change the background color of the render, go to World Settings ( F8 ) and adjust HoR, HoG, HoB.

cheers m8 :slight_smile:

well…you need texturing ofcourse, it looks like the entire shutgun is one plastic piece, the shape seams correct but there is a lack of details…great start anyway

Nice modelling, but the material looks like plastic! :slight_smile:

ye thats why its posted in the “Works in Progress” %| , but ye i know still needs alot of work and im not 2 good at texturing :frowning: