I’m trying my hand at some photoreal weapons for compositing into a live action movie. Well really I started out with Frodo’s sword from the movie Lord of the Rings to get the hang of things, and then designed a single-handed axe for the “dark vampire movie” itself. Constructive suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Frodo Baggin’s Sword, Sting. All textures besides hilt were created within Blender. Took about an hour and a half, including rendering.

An axe that will be MoCap’d into a live action movie.


I have nothing to criticise. Both weapons look impressively real.

I’d like to see how they look composited into live-action footage. Maybe then I can criticise something. :wink:

The texture on the axe handle is a little flat and plastic. It doesnt have the soft leather look to it.

the sword handle seems to be too thin and short, but maybe the view angle results this feeling.

I think sting would look a lil better if the etchings on the blade went in a lilttle deeper

they look alright to me, but why are you putting cg weapons into live action movie?


everyones getting lazier these days…

very nice, i like the sword best. I think the axe would look better with a bone or horn handle though.

The Axe is great. I like this things.
The sword is nice too.


Hmm. I’m really looking hard to see some crits here, cause they’re very well contructed. :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. I agree with the etching crit. Semms like it should be deeper. It’d be nice if we could see some ref pics to hold the model up to.

The axe:

  1. I agree with the leather crit. Looks very flat.
  2. I think I can see some edges to those curves, unless you weren’t trying for a perfectly smooth circle. I can point these spots out on a pic if you need it.

Other than that, they’re very realistic. I especially like the metal texture on the axe :).

Sting is actually narrower just after the hilt than it is two-thirds of the way up the blade, it’s too wide over the first third of the blade. It just jumps out at me. Other than that, very very well done.