ok, I’ve got a game laid out, I’ve got guns spread out in the game, all the tutorials about how to pick up weapons in blender is vague, can anyone give me a link to a tutorial that would help me? thanks
P.S. I think cg cookies tutorials are the best, and always answer my questions
P.P.S. you’re thinking “so why doesn’t he find a cg cookie tutorial” well, it’s because I can’t

Just have on collision player send message player. Message picked up
Next when message recieved then change property gun on. Gun on and send message delete
message delete to and to end object

Guns are not picked up. The guns on the ground are simple “collectible” objects that disappear after “collecting” (see BlePrintRandoms post).
The working weapon is a already there but can only be used after “collecting”.

I hope you get the concept.

Similar advice as from BPR and Monster.

To “pick up” an object in the environment of a typical fps is likely to be done by collision between an object that looks like a weapon and the player object. Typically the object that the player collides with would be destroyed, relocated or made invisible (this can easily be experimented with and implemented using logic bricks).

But what “really happens” (what the programmer wants) is that the player object is then given some kind of capability resulting from having collided with and “picked up” the weapon object. The “capability” might just be an integer property that the player acquires. Like 1 is fist, 2 is knife, 9 is quantum cannon, that kind of thing. The property value that the player has determines what happens when say the left mouse button is clicked.

If your heart is sinking it’s because you need to learn and experiment with the basics in simple scenes.

Edited to add:
It’s tricky and difficult. But it’s an explanation as to why kids can’t make computer games.