weather control technology

Here is a great piece of technology.Uesd to control weather.This technology stops hurricanes and reduces there strength.
Have a look at it.I wonder if i posted it before.

I’m cynical conspirator I bet Freon and Project HAARP is dangerous causing global warming,hurricanes,tsunamis(it’s volcano eruption),black holes and earthquakes.It’s European Union secret.About flying saucers it’s just Nikola Tesla experiments.UFO are just aliens.

Where did you get your information that haarp causes blackholes?

Logic from my mind and Portal/Half-Life portal gun energy a’la Borealis.

What are you basing your belief that blackholes are produced by haarp?Your logic had to have been triggered by something you read or been told.

Alex Jones?Why not Storm from X-Man?

My guess is that the US military is being honest about HAARP, oddly enough, the evidence seems to support some type of communications array. Of course the big hush hush isn’t about what it does, it’s about how it does it. My guess is infra-sound, elephants and other animals use it to communicate over great distances. The sound is below the human audible frequency.

The military says HAARP is an experimental communications array developed primarily for communicating with submarines which generally cannot receive standard radio communications when traveling deep. Infrasound would solve this because water is an excellent sound transmitter.

It would also explain the low pitch hum heard occasionally in some Canadian areas. Certain types of land formations can act as amplifiers which would bring the infra-sound into the human audible frequency.

P.S. Elephants have been observed communicating over great distances using infra-sound. They do this by stomping on the ground, the subtle vibrations can travel hundreds of miles where they are then picked up by other elephants holding their sensitive trunks to the ground.

Amazing… Apparently ants also beat humans to the punch on a few things having invented TCP/IP millions of years ago.

P.P.S. Speaking of military equipment HAARP is no big deal, I would be more concerned about things like the Large Hadron Collider. Apparently the LHC is the largest structure ever built by man and supposedly there are plans to build an even bigger one. I’m no genius, but typically that kinda money isn’t spent on anything with the exception of military projects.

Sure there are benefits for science, but I know of no instance in history where that kind of money was spent without any tangible benefit. People don’t spend nearly that much unless they feel like they need to.

Thunder can knock things off of shelves.Sound can heat water.Sound can levitate objects.

Wingardium Leviosa

That’s because sound is actually just vibration propagating from one atom to the next, atoms bumping into one another. This is why sound doesn’t travel well through space, no atoms to propagate the vibration. A similar concept can be used to communicate those vast distances though, gravity waves. I rather imagine a particle collider the size of the LHC can generate gravity waves.

Hopefully there aren’t any hostile aliens nearby because we’re broadcasting our position to the entire galaxy now.

We have been broadcasting to space for over a hundred years already, since the first radio transmissions

Actually I just looked up gravity waves and the LHC probably isn’t producing any, apparently we’ve never been able to detect a gravity wave and they may not even exist :slight_smile:

As for broadcasting our position, I imagine radio signals would take too long to reach an alien civilization anyway. Plus there is the so called fermi paradox, really isn’t any evidence to suggest we aren’t alone here.

At any rate I guess the original topic was about hurricanes. Honestly humans are already a more destructive force than hurricanes so even if we could control a hurricane big whoop. Obviously I don’t think HAARP can create black holes, but I remember there was some small concern that the LHC would produce an uncontrollable black hole before it was turned on. So far that hasn’t happened, although they haven’t yet turned it up to full blast.

I believe we can and we have.

I think GMO,sun battery,Project HAARP,European Union fans,freon,lamb oil,carbon and war conflicts are causing Global Warming aka ozone hole.I don’t thing rotten vegetables and rotten fruits are causing global warming and athmospheric disasters(it’s so hilarious).Industry factories are also causing global warming.Just thing meltdown in Alaska.Project HAARP has 115 anniverssary since 1900 this might cause fire disasters in Australia.Maybe Mell Gibson isn’t insane about conspiracy theories,but not at his religious insanity.

Sanity is a matter of perspective, it’s a relative term. A number of Native Americans, for instance, thought the eastern europeans were nuts. The eastern europeans, on the other hand, thought the Native Americans were savages.

Lostscience, Lucas15; I will kindly remind you both that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, the internet is chock full of bogus theories and false information and you should read everything with discretion (including articles that sound ‘cool’ or have some self-appointed ‘expert’ writing it).

If you both can’t take up the task of using critical thinking skills to weigh the amount of truth in random articles, you probably shouldn’t be on the internet (or at least limit yourself to a selection of trusted websites).

@Ace: If there are those on the internet, and I believe there are, who purposely disseminate false information for whatever reason, one cannot deny the gold mine of sensationalism, then your statement could be construed as victim blaming.

With the internet, it is easier than ever to purposely mislead someone or trap them in some falsehood (especially under the veil of writing as an anonymous figure where people can’t immediately disprove your credentials, even if you make them up).

I find it hard to believe that some out there would entertain the idea that the internet doesn’t have these people, anyone can write anything on the web and seeing false information being only a possibility vastly underestimates the inherent deceitfulness of the human race.

Sure, go ahead and believe that walking reptiles are secretly controlling the planet for instance, because apparently it’s possible that humans are unable to lie and mislead through typing on a keyboard for some reason.

I agree with you in that respect, I just don’t think it should be considered the fault of those who fall victim to such falsehoods. Of course it’s not just the internet either, scams and con-artistry have been around for a long time, the internet has simply provided a new venue for this activity. Elsewhere a person that has been victimized by a con-artist is generally not blamed or found guilty of any crime. However, as I understand it a lot of cons go unreported because the victims are embarassed.

The same is true of rape as I understand it.

Considering hurricanes have the amount of kinetic energy that is measurable in units of atomic weapons. I’m not so sure that device would do anything other then be a conversation piece